VISAG 2019: The First International Beach Volleyball Tournament in India

VISAG 2019: The First International Beach Volleyball Tournament in India

Beach Volleyball in India and volleyball as a sport in general is not new. News circulated the world when Indian beach volleyball players refuses to wear bikinis during the 2008 World Beach Volleyball tournament. The craze only helped in spreading the popularity of the sport across the Indian subcontinent which led to more international gatherings and opportunities for the sport. Today, we learn about the game and its corresponding sportsbook offerings on JeetWin.

The Sport

Beach Volleyball is an outdoor sand-based court sport played by two teams of two players divided by a net. The objective of the sport is to hit an inflated ball over the net and to the ground it on the opponent’s side of the court, and to avoid the opponent in doing the same.

The sport traces its history when its modern variant sprung around 1915 in Hawaii, USA while the current two-player version originated from Santa Monica, California. Beach Volleyball entered worldwide acclaim when it got included as a demonstrated sport in the 1992 Olympics and eventually as an official Olympic sport in the 1996 Summer Olympics. The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball holds the distinction of governing the international standards and monitoring of the sport, and holds the FICB Beach Volleyball World Championships and the FIVB Beach Volleyball Tour.

Visakhapatnam World Tour

Earlier this year, Visakhapatnam became the first city in India to host an FIVB tournament. The leg forms a part of the 2019 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour and it ran from 28 February 2019 to 3 March 2019. With 58 teams—28 each from men’s and women’s categories from around the world, the tournament also holds the credit of being one of the largest FIVB tournaments.

Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) Secretary General Ramavtar Singh Jakhar reported that the international federation granted this year’s FIVB rights to Indian soil and specifically to Visakhapatnam as the city has the necessary infrastructure for the sport and that it has a beautiful sea coast. He explained “Volleyball as a team game is getting popular day by day, especially after the successful launch of Pro-volleyball league and now we want to introduce the beach version which is extremely popular worldwide in the Indian soil.”

Infrastructure and Sponsors

The city designated Ramakrishna Beach as the official venue of the tournament. In particular, they added modern investment and improvements include world-class equipment, floodlights, white sand filling, a 5,000-seating capacity for viewers, and new shower facilities for players amongst others. Promoted by Leisure Sports Management in collaboration with International Volleyball Federation, Volleyball Federation of India, and AP and Vizag Volleyball Association, the tournament got all the funding it needed.


Germany’s famous duo Dollinger and Kulzer leads the men’s division with 200 points while Chinese Taipei comes close to a second with 180 points. Trailing the two are Canadian’s Grabovsky and Wheelan duo with 160 points, and Japan’s Murakami and Tsuchiya with 140 points.

The women’s division did not disappoint. Czech Republic’s Bonnerova and Maixnerova bagged the title with 200 points while Japan’s Chiyo and Sakaguchi ended at 2nd place with 180 points. Not far behind is Austria’s Strauss and Strauss team with 160 points, and Vanuatu’s Pata and Toko duo with 140 points.

Overall, the teams enjoyed over $5,000 in cash prizes and history-making memories.

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