What Are Some of the Best Virtual Sports to Bet On?

Virtual Sports

With a raging global pandemic, it has become very much impossible to conduct real-time sporting events worldwide. But innovation and technology quickly solved this problem. The last few years have seen the rise of a new phenomenon in the world of sports betting, with the advent of virtual sports betting. No longer were wagering bets on sports dependent on real-time matches and events. Technology gave a whole new birth to the betting genre in sports. 

What are virtual sports? 

Virtual sports are basically video games. However, advanced computer software algorithms determine the outcome by accounting for skills and luck elements innate in real-world sporting events. Computer-generated graphics offer a more advanced and realistic look than most games you play on gaming consoles. The best part is that with virtual sports, no need to rely on real-time sporting events to get wagers. Thus they create seemingly unlimited types of wagering opportunities.

How does betting on virtual sports work? 

The wagering part is similar to betting on a real-time sporting event, with the only difference being the bookmakers determining when the virtual events will transpire and who competes. As virtual sports eliminates the factor of relying on real-world sporting events, wagering takes place at a greater pace, with the virtual events occurring at much more regular intervals. The mechanics of wagering bets are similar, with all the factors such as odds or money lines that betters usually consider before placing wagers. A motley of proposition bets is often available for each virtual sports event.

The best virtual sports to bet on

Much similar to betting on real-world sporting events, you need a thorough knowledge of the game, its rules, and regulations to increase your chances of winning. Take the help of the internet to gather relevant information. There are other available technologies to help you calculate your odds before placing your wagers. However, one of the major advantages is that players do not need to follow real-time matches in order to bet. Although the algorithm factors in all possible odds and luck, a random number generator determines the end result. Even a rookie with zero knowledge can try their luck and win, even though the chances are considerably slim. 

While virtual sports exist for nearly all the popular sports worldwide, here are some of the best virtual sports for you to bet on: 

Football (soccer)

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world. The virtual sports betting roster introduced football as one of its first sports. It is fast-paced, enjoys immense popularity, and offers higher chances of winning. As a result, football attracts punters worldwide to try their luck and win big. 

Horse racing

Virtual horse racing is designed to mimic real-time sporting events. Participants will have all pre-race odds displays available at the track. However, even though a random number generator decides the winner, it factors in the odds and luck factor. Any horse with a 3/1 favorite has more odds of winning than a 28/1 long shot, akin to real-world events. 


Globally the most-watched racquet sport, tennis promises an adrenaline-inducing atmosphere. However, virtual tennis offers only one game instead of a lengthy three or five sets. This is to facilitate a quick turnover of wagering options. This means you may discover your winnings or losses in a couple of minutes. And the next live game gets stacked up in a few minutes or so. 

Motor racing

While the real version is mainly a game for billionaires, virtual motor racing offers a chance for almost anyone to put a wager on. Virtual motor racing usually comprises around 10-12 cars. It offers more options than any other virtual racing sport. Hence players get an extended field of virtual competitors. As a result, they get a chance of winning big by wagering on cars that have fewer odds of winning. 


Virtual sports betting promises privacy, convenience, and are incredibly fast-paced in nature. Recent research suggests that gambling problems are on the rise with the advent of virtual sports betting. Evolving technologies offer unlimited wagering opportunities. With online betting aggregators using advertising promotions and aggressive marketing techniques, it becomes very difficult for serious gambling addicts to recover. We advise serious addicts to seek professional help.

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