What are Square Betting and Sharp Betting?

What are Square Betting and Sharp Betting?

If you are interested in the world of sports betting, you probably have heard these two terms – Square Betting and Sharp Betting. There are many other names that people use to describe these two types of betting. In reality, these two terms vastly depend on the types of bettors and not the types of plays. Square Bettors and Sharp Bettors are, broadly speaking, the two types of bettors that you can see in sports betting. To understand the two types of betting, you also have to understand the types of bettors that make up these two divisions.

  1. Square Bettors: You probably won’t understand this term the first time you hear it. But if you hear the other names for them, you will get the drift. Square bettors are also known as ‘the average joes’ or ‘recreational bettors’. These people make up the majority of sports betting. They are mostly there for a fun time and not a long time. These are the type of bettors that bet on one or two games based on instincts and emotions. Square bettors make up the majority of the betting crowd. Very few people have the patience and skill to make sports betting their profession and most people just bet for fun.

What is Square Betting?

To answer this question, we have to just properly learn who Square bettors are. These people often place bets based on impulse. Most of the betting crowd falls under this type of betting. These people often place their bets based on the favorite team, their home team, or the teams that have scored more throughout the season. These might be important factors but only looking at this won’t make you a professional bettor. Square Bettors also only bet on high-paced games or big games that they think they have a chance of winning. Patience does not really come into play and they also tend to bet smaller amounts. Square bettors also only have a winning rate of about 48%.

  1. Sharp Bettors: Now we are talking about the professionals. Sharp Bettors are also called ‘pros’ and ‘sharps’. They make up the minority of the betting world. They are also feared by sportsbookers. These are the people with decades of experience in the world of betting. They live and breathe the gambling world. A lot of Sharp Bettors earn their living through betting. Sharp Bettors do not care about how big a game is, they base their plays solely on numbers. They scrutinize and analyze every bit of data that is available about the teams and players. They have incredible patience and know when to walk away. This makes them the professionals in the world of betting.

What is Sharp Betting?

Sharp Betting is a little more complicated to understand than Square Betting. In simple words, these are the data-driven bets that professional bettors make. Sharp bettors take into account the apparently ‘trivial’ matters that normal bettors might overlook. Things like injuries in the team, previous records, and how the result of the game is going to affect the teams are all taken into account. This is purely data-driven betting. Sharp betting is not something that anyone can master overnight, it is a skill that bettors sharpen for years and years. A true sharp bettor might have bet on tens of thousands of games and won the majority of them. It takes years for someone to become a pro. People often come and go out of the betting scene as they please.

But Sharp betting is a life filled with tremendous patience and research. Most Sharp Bettors have their own analytical systems that they use to bet. They also wager larger amounts than Square Bettors. Often the mark of a true Sharp Bettors is how often they beat the closing line. Statistically, Sharp Bettors have a 55% success rate. One of the other most important features of Sharp Bettors is the fact that they only bet when they have an edge over the sportsbooks. And they know when to walk away from a bet.


Now you know the difference between Square and Sharp Bettors. Sharp bettors usually know the game inside out. They have spent years sharpening their skills. Just because one might win a few games does not make them a Sharp Bettor. It is a long-term commitment one has to make to the betting life. Most Sharp Bettors earn their living from betting while Square Bettors are recreational gamblers that visit life from time to time. To become a Sharp Bettor, you will have to live and breathe the gambling life just like them.

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