What Everyone Ought To Know About Kabaddi?

Kabaddi: The Fastest-Growing Sport in India

Kabaddi is a sport that has blown us away from its strong, dynamic and athletic movements. We can proud to say, this sport is an Indian pride. A perfect game for those sports fans who enjoy the blast of adrenaline when players fight it out in the field. This game will surely take us into the game action as no other sport has ever been able to give.

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a popular team sport established 4,000 years ago in India. It is known by other names in Southern India, such as Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu, Hadudu for men, and Chu-Kit-Kit for women in Eastern India. This famous sport is originally intended for self-defense. Hence, a simple game that needs no props to go on. An ancient Indian rural sport that is also renowned in other Asian countries.

Origin of the Game

Kabaddi has been traced back to Tamil Nadu India as a contact sport. Where it all began from the village group hunting defense which gave this sport a life. Its purpose is to build physical strength and stamina and use a self-defensive tool.

The game development continues to spread particularly in Punjab in the northern parts of India. The sport’s systematized version was first played in Maharashtra and while the rules were standardized between 1950 and 1920. Kabaddi is also played as their national game in countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal.

Today, it is currently one of India’s best, well-known, and most popular sport games. The dominance of Kabaddi has genuinely resulted in India’s most famous indigenous sports outnumbering mainstream games like football. Hence, truly a unique sport on its own.

Here’s to know how kabaddi became the fastest rising sport in India.

Game Goal

The main goal of this game is to gain points by breaking into the court of the opponent and hitting as many enemy players as possible without being captured at a single breath. Thus, each player, chanting Kabaddi! reaches the enemy court and attempts to reach the nearest defense team, while the opponents make concerted strategic efforts to catch the player.

India’s Kabaddi Championship

  • Asian Games

The Asian Games are held once in four years, where since the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing China, Kabaddi has been a regular event. Therefore, India has won a total of nine gold medals in this sport by 2015 and has always played a dominant role in Kabaddi’s Asian games.

  • Kabaddi World Cup

The World Cup began in 2004 for the first time. It’s been an annual event since 2010. India won all the World Cups until 2014, with Pakistan being the second runner-up.

  • Women’s Kabaddi World Cup

India was the country to host the first 2012 Women’s Kabaddi World Cup. Given the 16 countries ‘high level of competition. Therefore, India finished as the winner and remained the champion even in 2014.

  • South Asian Games

Kabaddi was first played at South Asian Games in Dhaka in 2010, where India won both in the category of men and women.

  • World Kabaddi League

This is one of the world’s biggest kabaddi events. Eight teams from four countries were formed. Regardless of the competing odds, India’s United Singh team has won against the Khalsa Warriors ‘in the 2014 finals.

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