What Exactly Is Double Chance Betting and How Does It Work?

Double Chance Betting

When you first enter the betting world, several terms could be confusing. However, betting sites need to explain what any terms are. They expect you to know them. So, for many new bettors, the words are baffling. Remember that most of these terms are the names of bets you place. There is no doubt that the betting world is bursting with unlimited popular bets, and double chance betting is on that list.

When it comes to betting, equal teams it is the best option for newbies as well as for professionals. If you need to become more familiar with this betting type, here is a complete guide to help you learn everything you need to know. It is the most popular form of bet, as it helps stack the odds in your favor.

What is Double Chance Betting Mean?

It is one of the main types of sports betting, as they are often famous for a double outcome. Using this strategy, you are betting on two outcomes of the same game. In simple words, double chance betting is a single bet that incorporates two possible game conclusions. This betting type only applies to sports with three different outcomes: win, draw, or lose. 

When making a regular match outcome bet, you put your money on one of these outcomes. If the sport doesn’t have any draws, you won’t be able to put down this type of bet. You are betting on two outcomes with this betting type. It will lower your risk of losing. For example, you can put your money on the home team to win or draw. Undeniably, it is an advantage. A disadvantage is that your odds will be lower since you have a higher chance of winning.

How Does Double Chance Betting Work?

This betting type is designed to provide a greater chance of winning your bets. Double Chance Bet can turn the odds in your favor. To understand it deeply, here is an example. If you want to bet on the Seattle Sounders to best Orlando City, you have a 33.3% chance of winning. However, if you place a double chance betting that the Sounders would win or there would be a draw, your chances of winning would increase to 66.6%. A double chance bet provides you with a pretty easy way to win more of your bets than if you choose a single outcome. 

You will get this at the cost of lower payouts, but your winning bet is always more profitable than a losing bet. Moreover, this betting type is great if you want more certainty that the favorite will win the match. It is also handy when backing the underdog, as the game could draw, and you will still win your bet. So, the double chance bet is the best way to earn a massive payout from a sports bet.

Types of Double Chance Bet:

Three types of double chance bets are very popular and different from each other. However, the difference between the three types of double chance betting is the choice of teams you expect to win or pair with a draw. It will allow you to pair the options with the highest bet-winning chance. 

1X Bet:

This bet type of double chance bet asserts that the home team may win the match or end in a draw. A 1x bet is best works when the home team has a wide home benefit, but the guest team is also in great form. The home team may carry the day, or the match ends in a draw.

X2 Bets:

This double chance bet visualizes that the game may end in a win or draw for the away team. X2 bet is perfect when the guest team is in good form, but you need to figure out they are away from the performance. It will save you from blindly backing an away win, especially if the home team has an excellent defense or can draw the game, depending on the recent performance.

12 Bets:

This double chance bet allows you to bet on a win for the home team or away team. 12 bet eliminates the chance that the match may end up in a draw. The teams in question must look like they would score some goals. It is an ideal option when you are betting on high-scoring teams. 


A double chance bet allows you to combine two outcomes into one wager. It will help you to improve the odds from 33% to 66%. That’s why double chance betting is a perfect option when trying to roll over your welcome or free bet bonuses. You need to figure out the most probable outcome and choose the next likely outcome. This betting type lowers the risk in betting, especially when both teams have near equal strength.

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