What Impact Did the Most Expensive Player in IPL 2024 Have on the Matches?

Discover the Most Expensive Player in IPL 2024 Auction

The IPL 2024 Auction was filled with unexpected turnarounds, excitement, and most of all strategic maneuvers of franchises to strengthen their squad’s lineup of players. Overall, the IPL 2024 auction was a thrilling event that set the stage for an exciting cricket competition. Every team is looking forward to the possibility of winning while acquiring players with high potential to become top-notch cricket performers. With the new season now ongoing, the competition is seen to be fierce, and fans cannot wait to see these reformed teams perform on the field. About the IPL auction, we aim to focus on the most expensive player in IPL 2024 and their respective records. So, continue to read this as we point out the details accordingly through this guidepost.

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Most Expensive Player in IPL 2024 

Mitchell Starc who fetched the highest bid in the IPL 2024 auction has been record-breaking. This player is an Australian cricketer who played in all three formats of cricket sports competition. Starc’s reputation as a world-class white-ball bowler has led him to win a two-time World Cup winner (2015 & 2023) and holds numerous recognitions due to his cricketing excellence. Above everything, his cricket performance is always top-notch as he became the fastest bowler in the history of ODI and Cricket World Cups. On top of that, he is one of the players who can win an ICC Trophy in all formats of the cricket game. There is a long history of achievements in the cricketing world by Mitchell Starc, and this post cannot input everything here at once. However, those we mentioned are on top lists as to why Starc is a formidable force in cricket. 

The bidding process starts when IPL franchisees submit a list of players they are up to before the IPL auction. Each player sets a base or minimum bid price that they are willing to accept. Now, the players are called one by one, and franchises can bid on any amount that is above their base bid price. However, if multiple franchises are interested in a cricket player, a bidding war can happen and drive the bid price higher. That is how bidding wars in IPL auctions happen and why a bid price tends to rise in moments when there are more franchisees interested in one player.

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Mitchell Starc in IPL 2024 

Mitchell Starc has an underwhelming start in IPL 2024. However, during a cricket match over Mumbai Indians in the 51st match in IPL 2024 – this player became a key figure in his team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Starc has displayed an outstanding performance with the ball and that alone played a crucial for KKR’s success at the Wankhede Stadium. In the same cricket match, he claimed four wickets while conceding 33 runs in his 3.5 overs. Though started rusty in the early stages of IPL 2024, we see that he is regaining his rhythm and bowling abilities throughout the IPL competition. For his new team in IPL, he can be a game-changer for KKR or Kolkata Knight Riders

Going back at Star’s cricket performances in previous years of IPL, we can assume the great things he can do on the table. He is regarded for his lethal pace bowling and proficiency to take crucial wickets in cricket games. Therefore, Starc has been an important asset for any IPL team he would be playing for. As he continues to participate in the IPL 2024, expect that he can play well as he has seen a great bowler in the world of cricket. There is more to see in this talent, and Starc has everything you could ask for a cricket player.

Section 2: Top 10 Most Expensive Players in IPL 2024 

In this section, we are going to name the 10 most expensive players in IPL 2024. So, make sure you stay tuned for more details about them.

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1. Mitchell Starc (Price: ₹24.75 Crore) – Kolkata Knight Riders

His past outstanding cricket performances, backed up by his ability to bowl astonishingly, make him one of the best bowlers in the cricketing world. One of his greatest strengths in cricket is his ability to swing the ball both ways. Above all, his ability to capture key wickets and his proficiency in death overs bowling make him an asset. With these abilities, the Kolkata Knight Riders have the bigger chance to dominate in IPL 2024 and lead them towards the finals to get the winning title.

2. Pat Cummins (Price: ₹20.50 Crore) – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Cummins is well-known for his quick deliveries and precise bowling. His experience helped to valuable runs lower in the order. With such abilities, he is a dual threat in any opposing cricket team. Cummins can bring his experience and brilliant cricket skills to the table and that can be valuable to any of his teammates.

3. Daryl Mitchell (Price: ₹14 Crore) – Chennai Super Kings

Mitchell’s flexibility in batting and his occasional spin bowling make him a real threat as an all-rounder. His capabilities in the innings, added by strategic playing, positions him with lots of potential. That alone can bring extraordinary performance to his team in cricket playing. 

4. Harshal Patel (Price: ₹11.75 Crore) – Punjab Kings

Patel was known for this death over bowling and intelligent variations. This style of playing puts him as one of the finest bowlers in the world on IPL stage. For his current IPL team, this performance can bring strengths to their bowling department. Nevertheless, he can give crucial points for his team, and that alone is an asset.

5. Alzarri Joseph (Price: ₹11.50 Crore) – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Joseph is the West Indies’ great talent in cricket sport. His pace and tight bowling are highly respected. This young cricketer can add another power to the strong bowling approach. With such abilities, Joseph can be a great instrument that can make impactful contributions to his IPL team. 

6. Spencer Johnson (Price: ₹10 Crore) – Gujarat Titans

Johnson is a rising fast bowler talent in the IPL. Despite lacking popularity, his capability in the bowling category can shock any opposing team. For his team in IPL 2024, he can add strength to its bowling department, and provide them with the best assistance in crucial cricket playing instances. 

7. Sameer Rizvi (Price: ₹8.40 Crore) – Chennai Super Kings

Rizvi is a newcomer in IPL, despite that, he can bring something new to the table. His all-round abilities can add dynamism both in the bat and ball in the IPL competition. No wonder he is one of the most expensive players in IPL 2024 – all thanks to his potential.

8. Rilee Rossouw (Price: ₹8 Crore) – Punjab Kings

Rossouw is regarded for his batting style that can dominate any bowler. With his cricket abilities, he can add value to his IPL team’s batting unit. His overall experience in the world of cricket can make him a great component of any cricket team. 

9. Rovman Powell (Price: ₹7.40 Crore) – Rajasthan Royals

Powell is known for fiery batting in the middle order and with that, he can add strength and power to any batting department. With such great batting abilities, Powell can deliver exceptional power hitting in the table. 

10. Shahrukh Khan (Price: ₹7.40 Crore) – Gujarat Titans

Khan is highly regarded for his batting abilities. His calm demeanor in pressure moments has made him one of the most expensive players in IPL 2024. Nevertheless, he completes our top 10 list of players who are the most expensive players in the IPL 2024 Auction. 

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Section 3: IPL Auction 2024 Sold Players List 

In this section, we are providing a complete list of sold players in the IPL Auction 2024. Below is the table that you can check for more details about these players.

There were notable signings in the IPL 2024 auction when Mitchell Starc bought a mind-blowing amount of Rs 24.75 crore to Kolkata Knight Riders after a long, fierce bidding war. Starc surpassed the record of Pat Cummins’s bidding price and was set to Rs 20.5 crore. So far, this is one of the biggest turnarounds in the bidding that happens for the IPL 2024 Auction. There are also noteworthy deals, like with Daryl Mitchell, who gets attention due to his impressive playing and was bought by CSK. Also, Harshal Patel is the cricketer who was the only expensive player from India in IPL 2024 Auction.

Section 4: Tracking Records of Expensive Players

In this section, we are going deeper into the IPL records of the 5 most expensive players in IPL 2024. 

1. Mitchell Starc (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 105, Highest Score: 29, Average: 11.67, Strike Rate: 96.33.

(Bowling) Runs: 1,123, Wickets: 49, Average: 22.92, Economy Rate: 8.29, Strike Rate: 16.59

2. Pat Cummins (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 486, Highest Score: 66*, Average: 19.44, Strike Rate: 151.88.

(Bowling) Runs: 1,875, Wickets: 61, Average: 30.74, Economy Rate: 8.77, Strike Rate: 21.03.

3. Daryl Mitchell (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 351, Highest Score: 63, Average: 27.00, Strike Rate: 131.46.

(Bowling) Runs: 87, Wickets: 1, Average: 97.00, Economy Rate: 12.13, Strike Rate: 48.00.

4. Harshal Patel (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 249, Highest Score: 36*, Average: 9.22, Strike Rate: 122.66.

(Bowling) Runs: 3,149, Wickets: 135, Average: 23.33, Economy Rate: 8.74, Strike Rate: 16.01.

5. Alzarri Joseph (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 27, Highest Score: 15*, Average: 27.00, Strike Rate: 84.38.

(Bowling) Runs: 691, Wickets: 21, Average: 32.90, Economy Rate: 9.55, Strike Rate: 20.67.

6. Spencer Johnson (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 6, Highest Score: 5*, Average: 0, Strike Rate: 85.71.

(Bowling) Runs: 151, Wickets: 4, Average: 37.75, Economy Rate: 9.44, Strike Rate: 24.00.

7. Sameer Rizvi (IPL Records)

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 51, Highest Score: 21, Average: 12.75, Strike Rate: 118.60.

8. Rilee Rossouw (IPL Records) 

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 473, Highest Score: 82*, Average: 23.65, Strike Rate: 153.57.

9. Rovman Powell (IPL Records) 

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 354, Highest Score: 67*, Average: 19.67, Strike Rate: 152.59.

(Bowling) Runs: 35, Wickets: 1, Average: 35.00, Economy Rate: 11.67, Strike Rate: 18.00.

10. Shahrukh Khan (IPL Records) 

(Batting & Fielding Stats) Runs: 553, Highest Score: 58, Average: 19.75, Strike Rate: 141.43.

(Bowling) Runs: 15, Wickets: 0, Average: 0, Economy Rate: 7.50, Strike Rate: 0.

From the above IPL game statistics, the performances of the most expensive player in IPL 2024 truly reflect on their records. Others may seem on top records, but still with the astonishing data they attained in IPL, their auction prices just compensate for their cricketing talents. Nevertheless, their on-field achievements just reflect their IPL game statistics. With the records they have, we can assure you they would show impact and good contributions to their respective IPL teams. 


The most expensive player in IPL 2024 not only does they come with a big price – they also possess exceptional cricketing skills. This is why their bidding prices are one of the highest ones in the IPL world. Their great talents in playing cricket led them into the bidding of IPL 2024. Nevertheless, they can have a big impact on the IPL cricketing competition and may end up getting a winning trophy for their team. So, we encourage everyone to continue watching the last rounds of the IPL 2024 season. This cricketing competition is still rolling, so be available to watch the ending finales of the IPL.

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