What Is a Live Individual Bet In Sportsbook?

Live Individual Bet

Considering betting on team sports, several people believe that the only available bets are the spread, money line, or over/under bets. However, some bettors may realize there are also [prop bets available. They consider that these bets are still team related. It is a misconception that the only way to place a sports bet on an individual is by betting on non-team-related sports, such as golf, boxing, and tennis. The most exciting way to place individual bets is after a game has started. This type of bet is popular as the name of live individual bet. 

A major component of live betting is the odds/lines/totals generally moving with each play or possession. So, it offers you many opportunities to benefit from new, ever-changing odds. It is because they watch or follow the action live. In this article, you will get information about live individual bets in the sportsbook.

Live Individual Bet:

Live betting is increasingly popular in sports betting. It allows you to bet on sporting events they are watching continually. It is an era of instant gratification. So, a live bet can pay out in minutes if you make one late in the fourth quarter of a game. However, in some cases, you can also bet on a particular outcome of the next play in a certain game. There is a huge range of live bet offerings available across most sports. In addition, a live individual bet is a popular variation of live betting. It deals only with individual players. Therefore, the outcome of the game’s final score would be irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if the player you bet on accomplished what you bet on them. 

There are two types of individual bets that you can place in the sportsbook, live individual bets in team sports and live individual bets in non-team sports. Some examples of live individual bets in team sports are as follows:

  • Will a player score a goal?
  • Over/Under Number of Points for a Player
  • Examples of live individual bets in non-team sports are:
  • KO/TKO by Round
  • Who will win the first set?
  • Who will score lower on a hole?

How to place Live Individual Bets?

You can make live individual bets for a mobile device or computer. It will make your bet easier, as they are at your fingertips. You have to wait in a long line of people in person before getting to the cashier. At that time, the odds you are searching for betting on may be long gone. It will allow you to go to the league or sport you want to make a live individual bet. In addition to this, if you look at constantly changing spreads and totals, then you are on the right page. 

When placing an individual bet on an app, remember that they are not always instantaneous. Sportsbooks protect themselves and provide an opportunity to update your odds accordingly. It would help if you placed a 10-second hold on a wager before it starts working. If you want to make a live individual bet and the odds change before your bet is processed, it will be time out or considered void. So, it is important to understand that you would have to bet again according to the updated odds. 

At sportsbook personally, make sure that the cashier is well aware that you want to place a live bet. If you don’t, they may look at you with confusion. It is because they think that the game has already started. Allow the cashier read the live odds to you. It will help you to have access to the most current odds. With live betting, timing plays a key role. Just easily as you can find value in a live line, the value can also disappear as quickly.

Additionally, keep an eye on when your sportsbook stops providing live lines. Remember that every sportsbook is different. In addition, some keep hanging their live odds until a few minutes are left in a game. Some may only provide live lines after halftime.


The fact is that live betting can be very profitable and one of the most exciting options to place a live sports bet at sportsbooks. You can place live individual bets in real time. In addition to this, you can also follow the action on TV or online. You can close out live bets long before the game has finished and then use your profits to make more bets.

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