What is ICC Men’s T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier?

Exploring ICC Men's T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier & Asia T20 Qualifier

The cricketing stage of the T20 World Cup will not push through without the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier. This EAP or East Asia-Pacific Qualifier is one way to only qualify the teams to enter the main event. Now, it is already set to start this coming month of August and act as a qualifying stage for next year’s T20 World Cup 2026. In this guide, we are going back to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2023 and its qualifying phase. So, be ready as we start exploring this part of this cricket world, particularly the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier and the rest.

Exploring the East Asia Pacific (EAP) Qualifier 

The EAP region is composed of two sub-region qualifiers, they are the Qualifier A and the Qualifier B. These regions will battle to win and the winners of the said sub-region qualifiers, which are A and B will both enter the regional ICC Men’s T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier finals. The sole winner of the regional final will make it into the T20 World Cup finalist of teams. In that respect, the EAP qualifier has a significant role for the winning team as it serves as a door for them to enter the cricketing landscape of the T20 World Cup.

Therefore, winning the EAP qualifying stage will give any winning EAP team a spotlight to display their best cricketing skills in one of the biggest stages in cricket. In essence, entering the T20 World Cup is a milestone for any cricketing nation that can impact the growth of cricket in their country.

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Key teams and players in the EAP region.

There are main teams that shine the most in the world of the EAP region due to their impressive cricketing playing abilities. They are Papua New Guinea, Japan, the Philippines and Vanuatu. These mentioned countries have key players that played well in the world of cricket sport. They are Kendel Fleming (Batter from Japan, Kohei Kubota (Batter from Japan), Assad Vala (Batting-rounder from Papua New Guinea), Nalin Nipiko (Bower from Vanuatu), and the last is Charles Amini (Batting- Rounder from Papua New Guinea). There are more players to mention, but these players alone can make an impact on the cricket playing field.

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The Road to the T20 World Cup: Asia T20 Qualifier 

The Asia T20 Qualifier has a major role and impact for Asian Teams. Since it serves as a great stepping stone to qualify for the main cricket event like the T20 World Cup. As a whole, it is a qualifying process in the form of a cricket tournament for a participating nation to enter the T20 World Cup. 


This Asian country is a strong contender in the Asia T20 Qualifier. Their 2023 performances have a major impact and serve as a major qualification for the cricket World Cup. 

United Arab Emirates (UAE):

A team with a strong domestic league and has a history of losing in Asia Qualifiers. Despite that, UAE’s success was proven when they achieved their first T20 World Cup by winning over Namibia. 


They consistently perform well in the qualifying stage of Asia T20 Qualifiers. Recently secured a spot in the 2024 T20 World Cup. This nation’s team will be their third time entering the T20 World Cup scenery. 

There are also notable players in the Asia T20 Qualifiers that are worth mentioning are:

Bilal Khan (Oman), Aqib Ilyas (Oman) Sandeep Lamichhane (Nepal), and Kushal Bhurtel (Nepal).

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The significance of the EAP qualifier in the T20 World Cup 

In the end, qualifier matches open a pathway for associate nations in the world of cricket sport to compete in major sports events like the T20 World Cup. This allows the Asian nations to display their immense talent on the international stage. On top of that, they can potentially gain global recognition as a top winner. Therefore, the qualifier matches possess an important role in promoting cricket sport on the global scene. In addition, even discovering new young cricketing talents. This qualifying round adds another layer of anticipation to the cricket sport. While keeping the spirit of this sport alive, especially in the Asian Pacific Nation. 

T20 World Cup Qualifiers: A Crucial Battleground 

The T20 World Cup Qualifiers is a ten-team cricket battle that will determine the sole winner of the qualifying stage. Each team will play against other teams in the group one time. The top three from each group will enter the Super Six stage. In the Super Six, they will face a team they did not face in the group round. 

Overall, the points earned from the group round will be handed over to the Super Six stage, apart from those earned points against the team who do not advance. At the end of the qualifying phase, the two-ending finalists will advance to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. 

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Memorable Moments from the T20 World Cup Qualifiers.

It never ends, as there are notable teams in the T20 World Cup qualifier matches. The Netherlands has won the Qualifier more than one time. As of 2022, Ireland has qualified for the World Cup from the qualifier a record seven times. Afghanistan has qualified for fourth times, Scotland happens to be three times, Hong Kong and Oman two times.

In the end, the qualifiers are a cricketing tool for the participating nations to enter the scene of the T20 World Cup. Each team has the chance to display their hidden talents in playing cricket sport. Pushing their boundaries and lifting their nation’s name in the world of cricket. This means that the qualifying stage will help them promote their country’s capabilities in playing cricket. 


Wrapping up qualifier matches particularly the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup EAP Qualifier can play a crucial role in cricket. These qualifying rounds can shape the T20 World Cup landscape by promoting cricketing sport globally. Thus, fostering the development of cricket sport in participating nations, and keeping the cricket spirit soaring above.

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