What Is The Difference Between Virtual Sports And Esports In Online Gambling?

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Sports And Esports In Online Gambling?

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling and can be traced back 2,000+ years. The concept is simple and easy to understand- all you need to do is place a bet on the outcome of the match. Online gambling has revolutionized sports betting, by making it much more accessible for people across the world. However, whichever sport you are fond of, sports run on a schedule meaning that you may have periods where there are no matches going on. So what do you do when you want to bet but there’s no match coming up? The solution is virtual sports and eSports. 

In comparison to traditional sports betting, virtual sports and eSports are offered regularly, even out of season and during pandemics! As a result, you can always find some betting option when you are in the mood to bet on sports. In straightforward terms, virtual sports are match simulations while esports are video games where players compete, but there is much more to know about both before you choose one.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are an amazing combination of sports and technology, inspired from real sports matches and made a reality through software programming. Derived from the concept of fantasy sports, virtual matches are essential simulations of sporting events. Advanced algorithms are used to determine the path and outcome of the match, based on the skill of the players so that an accurate simulation is created. Even the aspect of luck is taken into account! High quality graphics are used to recreate the look and feel of a realistic sports match. 

As the virtual sports are simulations, they follow the likely path of a scheduled match, making it more easy for punters familiar with sports betting to place bets on virtual sports. Players are shown to perform the way they would be expected to perform in a real match. Since the events in the match are computer-generated, they promise a fair game for bettors.  

You can find virtual sports for nearly every type of game, however, popular choices are football, horse racing, motor sports, tennis and basketball. Even if you do not have knowledge for a particular sport, you can still try out the virtual sport version to gain experience and expertise. Virtual sports typically have a wide range of bets available, and matches are conducted frequently.


Currently, there are millions of video game players across the world. Whether you are a longtime fan of video games or a newbie, eSports or electronic sports take the video game experience to the next level, bringing to it the distinction of ‘sport’. Similar to how sports betting involves betting on a sports match, esports betting involves betting on the outcome of a video game. In contrast to sports which are restricted to specific seasons, eSports are available all year round and a match is never far off.

With eSports, Video games are no longer childs play as there are professional gamers that participate in the matches and large amounts of money can be involved. Similar to sports, there are scheduled events, tournaments, odds, research, star players, statistics and analysis, along with numerous betting options. By following and studying your favourite players, you can gain insight and place successful bets. Games available range from the classic FIFA to popular games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Halo, League of Legends, and PUBG.

Initially, getting into eSports and gaining familiarity with the players and games may seem intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with a particular video game. However, once you make that start, eSports is exciting and thrilling with real players competing live, similar to how sports players compete.

Virtual Sports Vs eSports

If you follow a particular sport and its players diligently and are waiting for a match, virtual sports may be a good betting option for you, as it will not require much extra research or preparation. If you want to immerse yourself in a new experience and spend time analyzing the performance of new players, the challenge of eSports can be a great choice. 

Online gambling has evolved greatly so as to provide people with plenty of betting options throughout the year without being dependent on scheduled sports matches. Although virtual sports and eSports are not a complete replacement for the excitement of real sports matches, they are a great temporary replacement until your next favourite match takes place. You might even find you enjoy these alternatives more!

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