What Should You Know Before Venturing Into Daily Fantasy Sports?

What Should You Know Before Venturing Into Daily Fantasy Sports?

The sports betting scene has grown into an absolute juggernaut of an industry of late. It is only natural for such a prospering industry to diversify. Keeping up with the sports world itself, sports betting too has spawned some of its own digital spinoffs. This, of course, includes new spins of old betting formulas, such as online in-play betting. But we have a much more novel form of sports betting today in daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports, or DFS in short, is a variant of the fantasy sports genre. They are so popular that you have likely already tried it if you are into sports betting – especially in the UK. If you have not, no worries, because here we have a primer for you detailing everything you need to know. 

The Basics of DFS

First, to answer the obvious question: what is DFS? We have mentioned that this is a type of fantasy sports, as evident from the name. Fantasy sports are basically a virtual recreation of real-life sports shenanigans. This includes everything from real life tournaments to the actual players. The basic idea is that a player forms their own virtual team of players and then competes in a virtual tournament simulation. Herein lies a big difference between fantasy sports and simulation sports. Simulation sports are a machine projection of how a game will statistically play out with fixed data. Of course, it also has an added element of randomization, both to foil real life coincidences and to spice up the experience. 

On the other hand, fantasy sports has a far greater connection to the real sports world. A fantasy sports match-up derives its results from the stats and performance trends of the actual real life players. DFS is not really any different from fantasy sports in principle. DFS is to fantasy sports what Twenty-20 cricket is to a Test series. It bottles the experience of a season-long tournament into a much tinier week-long or daily form. 

A Numbers Game

Unlike simulation sports, DFS seems as though it is not a toe to toe clash between numbers. Indeed, what transpires in real life affects it to some extent. But let us take a look at how you actually play. To clarify in simple terms: you build a roster within a set budget. So the game seems to be ultimately a numbers game. Namely: how to best make a roster without going bankrupt. There are different strategies to this budget allocation, obviously. You have to balance expensive heavy lifters with cheaper average players. 

One way to go about it is simply buying a good amount of star players and filling out the rest with the cheapest available options. This strat does have good precedent of success in the NFL DFS so far. But in many other sports, a safer option for beginners is to go for tier-two players who still deliver decent performance consistently. 

Betting On DFS

Your in-game budget allocation is the foundation to success in DFS. But there is also a second layer to managing money. That is, you have set aside your bankroll particularly for betting, and use it wisely. The sutra of bankroll management – like with all forms of sports betting – is to run it like a business. If you want steady gains, do not spend over a tenth of your bankroll in a single bet. The other side of the coin, is of course, how well you made your roster.

Keep An Eye On The News

Another way DFS is similar to traditional sports betting is how being up-to-date can help you. If you are a casual DFS player, we advise you to only invest in DFS leagues that you follow in real life. There are many ways attunement with sports news can help you. But if we were to cite one example, it would be injuries. In highly physical sports like American football, injuries happen often. Injuries also put a dent on a player’s market price. But in many cases, the weekly DFS salary of a player is set when not much is known about his injury. So you can sometimes get away with buying an underpriced player who then reacts well to the injury. 

Finally, remember a cornerstone of DFS’ popularity is its levity. Seasons are over sooner than you know it, so you are not stuck with one lineup. Neither can you hold on to a roster. To really enjoy the DFS experience, one should embrace this flexibility. There is no one specific way to succeed in the game. So experiment and explore with different lineups and strategies. And never to forget, do not undercut your enjoyment obsessing over missed chances.

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