What to Look for in Esports Betting in 2022?

What to Look for in Esports Betting in 2022?

A new year is already here. It is 2022 now and thankfully everything is slowly returning to normal. If you happen to be an esports bettor, you know that 2021 was a pretty good year for esports betting. There were highs and lows of course, but overall, it was decent. We know that you are excited about what this new year has in store for all of you. The dimensions of the esports betting market are getting wider with each passing year. And this year as well, we can look forward to a lot of big leagues and amazing players. So don’t be nervous even if you are a newbie in this world. We are going to walk you through everything you can look for in esports betting in 2022. 

First, let us talk about all the big events we can see lined up for this year. 

1. Dota 2

If you are a Dota 2 player or bettor, we have good news for you. The Dota Pro Circuit has already begun for 2021/22. There will be three stages in this season. This means, there will be three major leagues on which you can bet. The first of the regional leagues are already in motion. We are also pretty sure that the first major is going to be in February of this year.


A lot of events related to CSGO have been announced already. And the first major one of them is IEM XVI Katowice. This spectacle will take place in February and all GSGO fans can look forward to it. The ESL Pro League has two seasons as well. The 15th season starts on 9th March while the 16th will kick off on 31st August. We do not have a lot of information on the largest event, the CSGO Majors. We do not even know how many there are going to be this year. But all players and enthusiasts are eagerly waiting as we know we will get to experience it in 2022.

3. League of Legends

League of Legends has some of the best events for esports betting. They keep breaking records every year and this year will probably be legendary as well. The largest Spring Splits have started on 14th January and it has all the fans over the world very excited. Fans are also looking forward to betting on LoL Worlds like last year. If you are here for betting tips on LoL for this year, we can give you the list of the events that you should look out for. This includes, LPL, LEC, and LCK Split starting dates and also the Lock-in-Event of LCS.

4. Valorant  

Valorant, although a newer addition to the esports betting world, has been growing at a staggering speed. Probably the quickest growing esports with amazing gameplay, this game has a lot of eyes turned to it for the year 2022. With the Valorant Champions Tour ending, people are now looking towards 2022 for a lot more from Valorant. The North American, Korean and EMEA Stage One Challengers will probably start in mid-February. The dates are not yet known, but the NA event will set off on the 11th of February. The Valorant Regional Leagues will also start this year and the finals for that are going to be on 25th July. We can thus safely say that Valorant players have a lot to look forward to this year.

Here are some Esports Betting Tips for You for 2022

The basics of betting tips for esports are all the same. You have to diligently learn everything about not only the game but also the esports market and how it works. Only a balance of these two can win you money in the esports world. Also, be careful of your bankroll and do not let your emotions get the better of you.


There is a lot to look forward to if you are a die-hard esports fan. This might also be the time to get into esports betting if you don’t already partake in it. Games are evolving every day. And so is the esports market that revolves around these games. We can hope for a lot from this year. Hopefully, it will be even better than 2021.

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