Who are the most expensive players in IPL history?

most expensive ipl players

IPL is not all about the matches that take place. It is also a venue where IPL teams bid for players, which builds excitement and tension before the IPL tournament begins. Every year, IPL franchises participate in this event known as the IPL auction to go after the players who are presenting exceptional cricket performances.

In the past years and up until now, IPL has produced the best and most expensive IPL players. In light of that, our goal is to discuss the IPL auction process and other relevant areas of such bidding. Hence, we will focus on the most expensive IPL players in the current timeline.

IPL auction process

IPL auction is an annual event that is run and managed by BCCI. It is where the cricket players are being auctioned to different IPL franchisees. The IPL franchisees will put up a bid for the listed players, and that is the beginning of the process of auction in IPL tournaments. 

Furthermore, the IPL auction features the following player categories, which are divided into three classifications. These are the top three groups of players that should be highlighted in this portion.

  • Capped Players – These players are natural-born Indians who have played for their country’s senior team at one time.
  • Uncapped Players – These are first-class domestic players from India who have never played for their country yet.
  • Non-Indian/Foreign/Overseas Players – These players may be uncapped, uncapped, or associates from affiliated neighboring cricket nations.

The IPL teams engage in the bidding process when they make a bid for a cricket player. After the auctioneer announces a player’s name, it will be a signal for the IPL franchisees or teams to raise their hands and participate in the IPL auction. It would be the start of the bidding war among IPL teams. It will only end when the players are sold to the new teams that make the highest bid for them. In terms of salary cap regulation, the IPL auction in 2024 does follow a limit. Therefore, every IPL team, they are subjected to a total salary cap of Rs.100 crore.

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Following are the names that have a significant contribution and impact on the IPL auction:

Franchise Owners

These people are crucial to the future of the IPL squad. Therefore, they have participation in the bidding processes, monetary investments, and tactical choices that outline the success of their respective teams.

Team Management

These people are the ones who analyze players’ performances, records, and backgrounds. It is to ultimately recognize the best-worthy assets for their respective IPL teams that they will bid for the IPL auction. They also look deeper into players’ flexibility and adaptability in the strong tension that the IPL tournament has.


These people are crucial to the success of IPL teams and have a voice in the technical aspects of their team’s output. They also have an impact on the lineups of the teams they represent in the IPL auction.

Analysis of top expensive players: 

There are great players in IPL, but they also come with expensive prizes. In this portion, we aim to provide a list of the most expensive IPL players as of today. Make sure you stay tuned as we give the details right now.

Mitchell Starc – Kolkata Knight Riders Team

This Australian cricketer was auctioned for INR 24.75 crores during the IPL 2024 auction. His bidding prize made him the most expensive player in IPL history this 2024 season. He was included in the list of the best bowlers in 2015 and 2016 as the most successful bowler, with 50 wickets achieved. Therefore, his efforts placed him at the top of the ICC ODI bowling rankings. Based on these achievements, there is no denying how great an achiever he is and only justifying his bidding price in the IPL 2024 auction.

Sam Curran – Punjab Kings Team

This New Zealander was auctioned for INR 18.50 crores in the IPL 2023 auction. Sam Curran’s prize placed him as one of the most expensive players in IPL history. Therefore, this cricketer is a marvel since his England team has taken home the 2022 T20 World Cup Championship. He proved to be one of the top players in the tournament by taking the most wickets for England and was called the main player of the said sports event. From these exceptional records, his bidding price only matches the talent that he has.

Ishan Kishan – Mumbai Indians Team

This Indian-born player was auctioned for INR 15.25 crores in the IPL 2022 auction. Placing him on our list of the most expensive players in IPL history. As a wicketkeeper-batsman, he has proven himself in the IPL on certain occasions. He had impressive lower-order hitting in 2017, and he possesses a solid bowling attack position and is considered one of the most dangerous batters in cricket. This young cricketer rose to fame after he became the captain of the India U19 team at the 2016 ICC World Cup in Bangladesh. 

Chris Moris – Rajasthan Royals Team

This Australian-British cricketer was auctioned for INR 16.25 crore in the IPL 2021 auction. It only made him one of the most expensive players in the IPL record. Chris Moris earned this title by defeating Pat Cummins in an IPL match. This cricket player ever since playing in IPL, has become one of the most effective fast-bowling all-around players. From such successes, his bidding price only aligns with how good he is as a cricket player. 

Pat Cummins – Kolkata Knight Riders Team

This Australian cricketer was auctioned for INR ₹15.5 crore in the IPL 2020 auction. Since then, he has become the most expensive foreign player in the IPL records. Ever since he played in the IPL, he has been a great member of the fast-bowling section. He possesses aggressive playing and is known for his consistent match-winning determinations in every IPL tournament. In IPL 2020, he even earned the Man of the Match award. He has many great achievements in IPL to talk about. But, this only proves that his bidding price only aligns with his greatness.

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Factors influencing IPL players’ prices  

There have been numerous factors that influence the cricket player’s prices in the IPL tournament, including the following areas. Stay reading as we cover some of them in this part of this article. 

Cricket Credentials

A cricket player should possess great playing records in the cricket sport. He should have joined renowned cricket tournaments and displayed and won incredible titles in his team and as an individual athlete. From these credentials, any IPL player can earn a rise in his IPL pricing.

Recent Form

A cricket player must be a member of a successful IPL team and achieve great things for his team’s success. His recent form is important in the IPL event because it allows him to increase his IPL pricing for being a significant contributor to his team’s victory at IPL.

International Experience

A cricket player who has had exposure to overseas cricket tournaments can elevate anyone’s IPL pricing. Added to his winning titles and amazing records in playing cricket, it can truly make a way to influence any player’s prices in IPL auctions.

Market Demand

A cricket player with great market demand in an IPL tournament is also one great way to increase his IPL auction price. A significant demand for him may lead to more prospects wanting him as their player, which can lead to a higher IPL price. 

There is one significant instance where there are bidding wars that occurred. The cricket player who was the center of the auction was Avesh Khan. Therefore, he received the highest number of bids, and five teams battled for his auction. It only increased bidding prices, and Lucknow Super Giants officially obtained this player.

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Impact on Team Performance: 

The high-priced players have produced exceptional cricket performances in the past. The team’s investment in them demonstrates that they desire players who can perform well on the field. As a result, their high price as cricket players is only justified by their recent outstanding performance in the IPL, which resulted in their auction. It illustrates that they have proven themselves already and can perform well in the approaching IPL competition.

Furthermore, numerous teams have auditioned prominent players for the IPL auction, which is a fact. Hence, IPL teams desire to invest in top-performing players who can excel in their teams and can help in achieving their IPL title. Unfortunately, most IPL squads want a great player on them, which leads to the conclusion that there can be no team that does not seek out star players.

Evolution Over IPL Seasons: 

Every year when an IPL auction was held, you would notice an increase in every player’s bidding price. The high-price players are the ones who achieved great cricket performances in recent competitions. It does not matter whether you are a foreign cricketer or an Indian. All that matters is you have a remarkable playing record. 

As the IPL auction continues to evolve, players’ bidding values are expected to skyrocket. In addition to that, IPL teams have executed different strategies in these areas: Pre-Auction Planning, Budget Allocation, Focus on Core Competencies, and lastly, Long-Term Vision. These are the main elements that every IPL team has focused on to make the best bid in IPL auction.

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Behind the most expensive players in IPL is every successful bidding for these players. We know they have the highest auction price, but it only matches their playing competencies in cricket. With that, we hope you gain valuable insight into the auction information we wrote here for the IPL tournament.

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