Who are the Most Unsuccessful Teams in IPL history?

most unsuccessful team in ipl

The world of cricket is more than just the winning team in each IPL tournament. There are other areas where failing teams are worth noting too. We know that every success of the winner is the miserable part for the losing teams. Speaking of losers, the IPL tournament has witnessed every year the crown for the most unsuccessful team in IPL. Placing these teams in the limelight as they face the consequences of being losers every time they play in IPL matches.

So far, there are top teams who are always unsuccessful in claiming the IPL title and often at the bottom of the said tournament. If you are looking for a list of names of teams that are always losing in IPL tournaments, here is a rundown of the IPL teams you need to know. Stay with us as we unveil the names of teams who failed to get an IPL trophy or only won one championship.

The Most Unsuccessful Team in IPL 

Punjab Kings (PBKS)

Punjab Kings perform poorly in their performance in every IPL tournament. Placing them as one of the most unsuccessful teams to reach the winning championship. Speaking of winning, Punjab Kings has never won any IPL title so far and is one of the underperformers in beating other IPL teams. Despite having so many brilliant players, their consistency in performing well in the IPL leads to futile attempts to reach the top. With changes in captainship and player line-up over the years, this cricket team cannot find the winning formula to win the IPL championship. Overall, this team faces a challenge to sustain and achieve success in every IPL tournament. Except in 2014, which is their notable IPL season by far.

Delhi Capitals (DC)

The Delhi Capitals also belonged to our list of most unsuccessful teams in IPL. Having said that, this cricket team faces failed attempts to secure the winning title of the IPL tournament. All because of the team’s playing inconsistencies in every IPL tournament that puts them at the bottom of the success. In their entire IPL performances, this team has shown different outputs in their records. In the recent IPL 2023, this IPL team encountered a difficult period, and their attempt to playoffs was a failed one. Like Punjab Kings, this IPL team has never received any IPL title in their records. However, despite those inconsistencies in playing at IPL, the team’s performances have improved in recent years.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

This team is considered the third most unsuccessful team in IPL to win the mentioned cricket tournament. Royal Challengers Bangalore, despite failing to get the IPL title, had reached the finals on three occasions. Still, their failed attempts to be the top winner marks them as a team that has small success in the IPL tournament. Despite that, this IPL team has huge fans due to its star-studded players including legendary players, namely Kohli, AB de Villiers, Gayle, and Faf du Plessis. However, with all the brilliant line-up players this team has, the Royal Challengers Bangalore faces great challenges to secure a winning IPL title for their squad. Unfortunately, this cricket squad has never won any IPL championship yet based on their past IPL playing records.

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)

They are considered the second to the last for most unsuccessful teams in IPL. At first, they are the best contenders cricket teams in the IPL tournament. Added by their winning title in 2016, that makes them an outstanding IPL team. Unfortunately, Sunrisers Hyderabad lost their prominence, and their winning capabilities have declined after winning their first IPL title. In the recent IPL seasons, they gained more losses and 2021 could be their terrible era so far in terms of cricket performances. But despite this, the Sunrisers Hyderabad already won one IPL title proving their cricket playing skills. The only thing they need to do is overcome or surpass and maintain their cricket prowess to reach the top of success in the IPL tournament again.

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Rajasthan Royals (RR)

The Rajasthan Royals are our fifth most unsuccessful team in IPL. However, this team is not totally zero in winning the IPL title. They are the ones who won the first IPL championship in 2008. In short, they won the opening edition of the said IPL tournament. Disappointingly, this IPL team never repeats the success they achieved since their first winning triumph. Their status now is a typical IPL team, all because of their failed attempts to get again the winning IPL success. In the past years, this IPL squad has encountered different modifications from its leadership and players and is heavily dependent on overseas members. The reason for many changes in the Rajasthan Royals is to improve the team’s performances and records in the IPL tournament. However, despite all the changes made, this IPL team is placed in the last position for the most unsuccessful team in IPL today.

FAQs about the most unsuccessful team in IPL

Which are the top three worst teams in IPL history?

Our top three worst teams are the Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals, and Royal Challengers Bangalore. These IPL teams have never won any IPL titles so far which makes these squads as failed teams.

How are these losing teams considered unsuccessful teams in the IPL?

The losing teams considered unsuccessful is based on their complete performances including their wins and losses and their failed attempts to get the IPL title. 

Who was the worst cricket team in IPL 2023?

The worst cricket team would be the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL 2023. The IPL team has faced a second and repeated massive loss in the 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League. Putting this team as the most unsuccessful team that played in IPL 2023.


In the above list of the most unsuccessful teams in IPL history. We hope you get some idea which IPL squad does not perform well and has so many failed attempts to secure a winning IPL championship title. However, while they are the losing teams on our list. We should not close the possibility that they have a chance to win an IPL title. Many great possibilities may happen during the entire IPL tournament, and there are different matches that IPL teams need to face. Therefore, even though they are the most unsuccessful teams in IPL history. These teams still provide their best shots to overcome the playing challenges that IPL matches impose. 

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