Who are the Top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL?

top 10 dangerous batsman in ipl

In the world of cricket, the Indian Premier League is not only well-known for its great teams. It is also a destination for outstanding players and dangerous batsmen. Speaking of batsmen, the role extends beyond for some cricket players. These players are responsible for scoring runs and securing team’s success. Truly, the IPL can produce world-class and exceptional batsman players that can level up any cricket match.

Today, there are remarkable batsman players in the cricket world that you should know. In this guidepost, we aim to shed light to top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL. If you want to know the names of all the batsman players, read on.

Top 10 Dangerous Batsman in IPL

In this section, we list down the best batsman players you should know. Below are profiles and details you can refer to deeply learn their background.

1. AB De Villiers

This cricket player is on our top list of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL. His bombarding batting skills in his entire IPL games display a top-notch 5056 runs and an astonishing strike rate of 152. De Villiers has exceptional batting skills and consistent run-scoring demonstrating what an incredible batsman he is in every IPL tournament. With his great playing records and performances in every IPL tournament, this cricket player obtained his tag as “Mr. 360” for hitting the balls in every path. He is consistently displaying a threat to any team in the IPL, and there is no denying he is leading as the most dangerous batsman.

2. Chris Gayle

Gayle poses a strong profile in the IPL when we speak of cricket-playing skills. There is no denying he is one of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL today. He holds outstanding records in IPL like getting the highest score by a batsman, most sixes, and many incredible titles. This cricket player has amazing scores of 4965 runs and a strike rate of 149. Gayle is among the most ferocious batsman in IPL history. There is no surprise why he is called Universe Boss by many, all because of the different achievements he achieved as a great batsman in IPL.

3. David Warner

This cricketer is one of the IPL’s most exceptional foreign batsmen in IPL today. Warner has the record for the most runs scored by a foreign player in the Indian Premier League, displaying his fantastic playing skills. This IPL player should not be undermined, as he paved the way for the Hyderabad team to achieve their first IPL title. David is an excellent player as he can score over 5000 runs with a strike rate of 141. Overall, his cricket performance in the PL is one of the best. It only proves he is entitled to be one of the top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL.

4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Speaking of the most dangerous batsman in IPL, MS Dhoni should not be left behind. This captain player is one of the most amazing and successful batsmen in IPL history. Under this leadership, the Chennai Super Kings team won five IPL titles. This cricketer has excellent batting skills and scored more than 4000 scores with an IPL strike rate of 135. MS Dhoni is the best captain, top-performing batsman, and one of the finest finishers in the cricket sport. It only makes him one of the top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL today. His wise captaincy and leadership put him in an eminent position in IPL.

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5. Virat Kholi

Kholi is one of the most outstanding cricketers in the IPL due to his great playing records. In terms of accomplishments, this cricket player leads the run-scoring with almost 6000 runs at a strike rate of 129 in the IPL tournament. When it comes to besting other IPL batsmen in runs scored, this player is among the best in the game of cricket. This cricketer is no longer unexpected to be one of the leading IPL players due to his amazing playing records. Virat has turned into one of the most effective, and greatest batters in IPL. This title only serves him as one of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL today.

6. Andre Russell

This cricketer has had fascinating IPL performances throughout his playing in IPL. With his strong Strokeplay, he is one of the most dangerous IPL batsmen today. This cricketer scored runs over 2000 runs with a strike rate of 177. Making this player known for his fiery power-hitting that can change any game direction at any moment. With his confrontational batting, many would think twice if they could face this player playing competence and stamina in the world of IPL tournaments.

7. Rohit Sharma

Sharma is the former captain of Mumbai Indians and who led the team for five IPL titles. His superb captaincy proves how great a player and batsman he is in every IPL tournament. It is no longer unbelievable why he is called the “Hitman” due to his impactful leadership on the Mumbai Indians team and outstanding batting skills. This cricketer is one of the rare players in the IPL who can score more than 5000 runs at a strike rate of 129. Sharma will take you to success while demonstrating his on-top batting expertise in all the matches he played in the IPL. With such a contribution, there is no wonder this cricket player belongs to our top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL.

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8. Kieron Pollard

Polland is one of the few great batsmen in the Mumbai Indians team in IPL. Sadly, this cricketer has retired from playing in 2023. This batsman contributed to the Mumbai Indians’ five IPL championship titles. His playing performances significantly impact his team’s success throughout his IPL career. Pollard scored more than 3000 runs with a strike rate of 147. With his strong striking skills, he can be a game-changer in any tournament. He is one of the most powerful and dangerous batsman players that is hard to put down. He is recognized as one of the best all-rounders in IPL, and above all, has hitting competence.

9. Suresh Raina

This batsman player is a former cricketer in the IPL. He announced his departure in 2022, and since then, he is no longer playing in IPL tournaments. Suresh is labeled as Mr. IPL due to his constant run-scoring. However, this performance was overcome by Kohli. Despite that, his brilliant batsman playing skills will remain significant and rank him in the third spot for the most runs scored by a batsman in IPL with over 5000 runs and a strike rate of 136. This record only proves how great his batsman skills are throughout his IPL journey and puts him as one of the top 10 dangerous batsman in IPL.

10. Shikhar Dhawan

This cricketer is the current captain of the Punjab Kings. He experienced different transfers on a few IPL teams and now for good under his current squad. Dhawan has good playing skills, displaying his aggressive and batting prowess. In the 2020 IPL edition, this player has attained the second-highest scorer. Thus, such good records make him one of the most dangerous batsmen in the IPL up to this day. He is always playing with consistency in getting score runs. On this day, he scored over 6000 runs with a strike rate of 126. It only proves that his name should belong to the most dangerous batsman in cricket sport today.

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Cricket and IPL blend perfectly together. Without the other, the other one would not exist today in India. Cricket sport and IPL have produced top-performing batsmen that no other sport can provide. Today, IPL is the place to witness and discover the great cricket players in their existence. It makes every IPL tournament the leading sports competition and event to watch out for in India. This sport displays the exceptional talents of cricketers and only proves to the world the skills they have are worth witnessing.

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