Who has highest score in T20 women’s cricket?

Top Players with the Highest Score in T20 Women's Cricket

The race for the highest score in T20 Women’s Cricket is a thrilling one! The T20 cricket format is not only available for men but there is also for women too. Above anything else, women do accomplish great records in playing cricket, and despite not being heavily seen, women play this sport to promote cricket sport in the female category. In light of women’s accomplishments in cricket sport, we are here to guide you with the list of successes, that a female can do in cricket. Buckle up as we embark on a journey together to learn about some of the great successes of women in the world of cricket. Let us name the following females who are exceptional in playing this kind of sport.   

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The Top Players Who Have the Highest Score in T20 Women’s Cricket

The following names are the best players that we should be recognizing. Here are the star players that we should know about. 

1. Lucia Taylor (Argentina):

The highest recorded individual score in any Women’s T20 match belongs to Lucia Taylor from Argentina, who smashed a massive 169 runs in her playing record. By far, she is in the top league for having the highest score in T20 women’s cricket and that’s an exceptional playing record. 

2. Deepika Rasangika (Bahrain):

She is a Sri Lankan cricketer who currently plays for the Bahrain national women’s cricket team. Deepika Rasangika rose to fame during the 2022 Twenty20 Championship Cup in Oman, against Saudi Arabia. She holds an unbeaten 161 runs, becoming the first cricketer for Bahrain to score a century in the T20 women’s category. 

3. Esha Oza (UAE):

She is a key player and the current captain of the United Arab Emirates national women’s cricket team. Born in India, Esha Oza plays for the United Arab Emirates national team. UAE’s Esha Oza got an unbeaten 158 runs in the T20 category, placing third spot in our list of Highest Score in T20 Women’s Cricket. She almost broke the record of Rasangika with 161 runs. 

4. Maria Castineiras (Argentina):

Maria Castineiras is a rising star in T20 women’s cricket for Argentina. She recently achieved a remarkable feat in the second T20I vs Chile, as she hit 155 runs, and so far, she is offering great performance in cricket. Not bad for being in fourth place for having the Highest Score in T20 Women’s Cricket. 

5. Alyssa Healy (Australia):

She is a top player in T20 women’s cricket and is currently the captain of the Australian national team across all formats. Alyssa is one of the outstanding players in the Australian Team. This wicketkeeper-batter for Australia has overcome the Sri Lankan bowling to score an unbeaten 148 in 61 balls in 2019. 

Overall, these top 5 players by far have already achieved something in playing cricket. They hold the highest score in T20 women’s cricket, and that’s brilliance. Nevertheless, these cricketers are great inspirations in playing cricket.   

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The Top Players with The Fastest Century in Women’s T20I Cricket

The names we will share with you are the leading players who shine in the fastest century in women’s T20I cricket, so keep on reading this section thoroughly.

1. Deandra Dottin (West Indies):

Dottin is the player who holds the record for the fastest T20 century in the Women’s International Cricket category. She achieved this record when playing for the West Indies Women against South Africa Women in the 2010 Women’s World Twenty20. Dottin hit a blistering 38-ball century, highlighting her great power and aggressive batting style. This record still stands these days, making her a top-notch player in the world of T20 cricket.

2. Alyssa Healy (Australia):

She is a phenomenal female cricket player. Her fastest T20 century came in at 46 balls against Sri Lankan Women. At present, she ranks second on this listing for the fastest century in the Women’s T20I Cricket category. Nonetheless, Healy demonstrates that she is a cricket player capable of scoring a century in the sport.

3. Tammy Beaumont (England):

This English player set the stage with fierce in 2018 when she played against the South African team. From there, she batted first and achieved her best century by getting 47 balls in total, helping her team, England, to score 250/3 over its opposing team. In the end, Tammy proves that she should be in our listing with the Fastest Century in Women’s T20I Cricket.

4. Harmanpreet Kaur (India):

Harmanpreet Kaur holds the record for the fastest century scored by an Indian batter in Women’s T20 Internationals. Her achievement comes from getting 100 runs in just 49 balls came against New Zealand in the ICC Women’s World T20 2018. From that achievement, this cricketer has achieved a great record for India, as a female cricketer who made this such incredible century record.

5. Fargana Hoque (Bangladesh):

 Fargana Hoque holds the record for the fastest T20I century scored by a Bangladeshi player. She achieved this feat in 2019 against the Maldives, scoring an unbeaten 110 runs in just 51 balls. There is no doubt this Bangladesh female cricketer has proven they are capable of making exceptional records in achieving the fastest century in a T20 cricket format.

Overall, these are the top five players who achieved greatly in the fastest century category in cricket sport. They all possess impressive talents in achieving century when playing cricket. In that regard, these players are exceptional, and they should be looked up to for their great cricketing skills.

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The Top Players with The Most Runs in Women’s T20I Cricket

These are the top-notch players who achieved the most runs in the Women’s T20I cricket. So gear up as we share the names of them accordingly in this part of this article. 

1. Suzie Bates (New Zealand): 4,231 runs

The leader of the pack, Suzie Bates has racked up the most runs in T20 Internationals as a New Zealand player in the cricketing world, surpassing the 4,000-run mark in the cricket sport. She is a phenomenal player in cricket and a key player in this kind of cricket format.

2. Meg Lanning (Australia): 3,405 runs

The former Australian captain, Meg Lanning, holds the second position with a significant number of runs under her playing record. Lanning is a great player in her light and holds different records across cricket formats. While she does not have the record for most T20I runs, she remains a leading force in the women’s cricket category.

3. Harmanpreet Kaur (India): 3,279 runs

She holds the record for the most runs scored by an Indian woman in Women’s T20 Internationals. Kaur plays as an all-rounder for the Indian’s women team in cricket sport. Her runs are a bold statement that Indian women will not be left behind in scoring runs in cricket games.

4. Stafanie Taylor (West Indies): 3,266 runs

The Jamaican powerhouse, Stafanie Taylor, secures the fourth spot with her consistent and explosive batting in playing cricket sport. There is no denying that Stafanie Taylor is one of the leading run-scorers in Women’s T20 Internationals. That’s an impressive feat to tell.

5. Smriti Mandhana (India): 3,187 runs

The elegant Indian batter, Smriti Mandhana has been one of the players with the most runs in Women’s T20 International cricket. Smriti Mandhana is in our top 5 spots, all because of her impressive run-scoring record. Despite being last on our list, Smriti should never be looked down on as she is a top player as well in India’s women’s team. 

These are by far the top players who achieved profoundly in scoring more than 2,000 runs in playing the cricket sport. All these women are key players in their teams, and they all have outstanding cricket-playing talents.

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In the end, women cricketers should be also highly recognized in the world of cricket sport. They also have the best records in playing the sport, including the highest score in t20 women’s cricket and other recognitions. We all know that the men’s category is heavily acknowledged, but the women’s category should be too. Nevertheless, women cricketers do possess great talents in playing cricket sport. Despite having less limelight in the men’s cricket world, there is something to look forward to with women cricketers. Overall, they are the force that also dominates the cricketing world. Without them, cricket would be incomplete in participating players.

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