Who hit most sixes in T20?

Who hit most sixes in t20?

Sixes in cricket are more than just a term. It refers to the maximum amount of runs that a batsman can achieve with a single shot. It is essentially a home run in the cricket sport. Nevertheless, a six is the quickest way to accumulate most runs in T20 cricket. They are a testament to the batsman’s skill and can significantly impact the outcome of a match. In this guide, we aim to give a detailed overview of the record-breaking six-hitting records, so stay tuned for more details. Today. let us all embark on a journey and be aware of the valuable details about Sixes. 

Most Sixes in T20 Cricket 

T20, short for the term Twenty20, is a fast-paced and action-packed format of cricket designed to give excitement and entertainment. T20 is a variation of cricket with a limited number of overs. Each team gets only 20 overs (120 balls) to bat, making it the shortest format of a cricket game competition. 

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5 Players With the Most Sixes in T20 Cricket

The following names are the top players who attained the most sixes in T20 cricket. Let us all know the best players in this category.

1. Chris Gayle (West Indies)

This player known as “Universe Boss” holds the top record with a staggering 1,056 sixes in 463 matches in his T20 career across various leagues and international matches. There is no denying he is leading with the most sixes in the T20 Cricket classification. 

2. Kieron Pollard (West Indies):

Another West Indian powerhouse player. Pollard follows closely Chris Gayle with a massive 860 sixes throughout his T20 career. It is no longer surprising why he is in the top 2nd spot in this category. After, with his all-round abilities that make him a record achiever.

3. Andre Russell (West Indies):

Completing the powerful Caribbean trio, Russell has achieved a mighty 678 sixes in T20 matches. This player proves that even in third place, he can still be on the list of players with the most sixes in T20 cricket from West Indies club.

4. Colin Munro (New Zealand):

The explosive Kiwi batsman sits at number four with a total of 548 sixes. Notably, Munro despite last playing in 2020 for New Zealand is one of the Kiwi players who achieved more than 100 sixes and that is an impressive feat. 

5. Rohit Sharma (India):

The “Hitman” of Indian cricket claims the fifth spot with a remarkable 502 sixes under his name. Despite being last, Indian players will never be left behind. Even if Sharm is in the fifth spot of the players with the most sixes in T20 cricket. 

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 Most Sixes in ODI Cricket 

ODI, or One Day International, cricket occupies the middle format between the traditional, lengthy Test matches and the modern, action-packed T20 format. Here, each team gets 50 overs (300 balls) to bat. Thus, allowing for more strategic gameplay and a display of cricketing skills. ODIs are completed in a single day, typically lasting around 7-8 hours.

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The 5 Players With the Most Sixes in ODI Cricket

Here, we are going to name the top players who are a great achiever with the most sixes in the ODI Cricket category. Make sure you are still here for more insights. 

1. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan):

The former Pakistani all-rounder holds the record with a whopping 351 sixes in his ODI career. This cricketer has always had an expertise in playing significant innings, and that allowed him to create a reputation of becoming a power-hitter in recognition of himself. 

2. Chris Gayle (West Indies):

The legendary West Indian batsman claims the second spot with a massive 331 sixes throughout his ODI career. This player is one of the few players who has a great impact in terms of power-hitting and that leads to fear in his opposing team.

3. Rohit Sharma (India):

Sharma, who is an Indian captain sits at number three with a remarkable 323 sixes under his name. Rohit accomplishments in ODI are all because of his ability to perform well, particularly in achieving innings. His playing shots are one of the best in his league and that makes him a top achiever.

4. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka):

The Sri Lankan legend known for his explosive batting occupies the fourth spot with a total of 270 sixes. He was one of the first batsmen who attacked the bowlers inside the first overs of a cricket game.

5. MS Dhoni (India):

The former Indian captain, MS Dhoni, finishes the top 5 list with a powerful 229 sixes hit in ODI matches. He is among the most destructive batsmen in the whirlwind world of cricket sport. 

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Highest Sixes in International Cricket 

International cricket refers to matches played between national cricket teams. International Cricket comes in various formats, the Test Matches, TWent20 (T20) Matches and One Day International (ODIs) Essentially, international cricket is the highest level of cricket competition where national teams compete for glory on the global leg.

Players with the Highest Number of Sixes in International Cricket

1. Rohit Sharma (India):

The “Hitman” of Indian cricket holds the record with a staggering 593 sixes across the different cricket formats such as the Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. Rohit Sharma has managed to hit 80 sixes in Test Matches. His record gets better in limited-overs cricket, where he has hit 190 sixes in T20Is and lastly, 323 sixes in ODIs. Among cricketers, Rohit Sharma hit the greatest number of sixes. 

2. Chris Gayle (West Indies):

The legendary West Indian batsman follows closely with Rohit Sharma in a massive 553 sixes throughout his international career. Overall, Chris Gayle has hit 331 sixes in 301 ODIs, then, 98 sixes in Test matches, and 124 sixes in T20Is. This player holds the second spot with the most sixes in international cricket.

3. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan):

The Pakistani all-rounder sits at number three with a remarkable 476 sixes to his name in international matches. This player has managed to hit 52 sixes in Test Matches, 351sixes in ODIs, and lastly, 73 sixes in T20Is. With such a record, this player is among the top achievers in all cricket formats. 

To complete the top five players, we are going to mention two more names. They are Brendon McCullum (New Zealand) with 398 sixes and Martin Guptill (New Zealand) who has 383 sixes in the international cricket scene.

Overall, six hitters have had a significant impact on the cricket scene. They could consistently hit sixes allowing batsmen to score runs quickly, making matches more exciting and high-scoring. This impact can attract new fans who enjoy the fast-paced nature of the cricket game.

Rohit Sharma Total Sixes 

Rohit Sharma is a right-handed opening batsman for the Indian team across all different formats of cricket competition, be it Test Matches, ODI, or T20I. Sharma is recognized for his aggressive batting approach and ability to hit big sixes in cricket games. Thus, earning him the name “Hitman” in the world of cricket sport. No doubt, he is one of the exceptional batsmen out of his generation. Sharma plays a crucial role as a player for the Indian cricket team. While Sharam leads in terms of total sizes in international cricket. Rohit Sharma offers a unique blend of power, elegance, and timing, making him a highly consistent six-hitter. 

While others like Chris Gayle, Shahid Afridi, and Brendon McCullum might have a higher strike rate or perform as aggressive playing forces in cricket competitions, Rohit’s ability to score quickly along with his technical skills sets him apart from the competition. Again. He has attained a total of 593 sixes across different cricket formats.

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Most Sixes in T20 International Cricket 

 C. Strategies and Techniques Employed by Top T20I Six-Hitters

T20 Internationals, or T20Is, are the shortest and fastest-paced format of cricket sport in the international scene and category. T20I matches are incredibly quick, typically completed within 3 hours.

Leading Players in Sixes in T20I Cricket

1. Rohit Sharma (India):

The “Hitman” of Indian cricket dominates the list with a staggering 182 sixes under his name in the T20 International cricket category. This player carries immense achievements in cricket sport to all its formats. 

2. Martin Guptill (New Zealand):

The explosive New Zealand batsman sits at number two spot with a total of 173 sixes in the T20 International cricket. 

3. Aaron Finch (Australia):

The Australian captain known for his aggressive batting occupies the third spot with 125 sixes in the T20 International cricket category.

4. Chris Gayle (West Indies):

The “Universe Boss” is also included in this list with a staggering 124 sixes in T20 Internationals cricket. Gayle placed in the fourth spot, making sure he is always part of our listings.

5. Eoin Morgan (Ireland):

Another powerful English man who completes the top 5 with a mighty 120 sixes hit in T20I matches.

Overall, the T20I six-hitters rely on a combination of power-hitting shots, batting techniques, and strategic thinking to clear the boundaries effectively. By combining these mentioned strategies and techniques. The T20I six-hitters have become a dreadful encounter for any bowlers. Despite that, their gameplay is a source of excitement for fans. Adding a gripping dimension to the fast-paced world of T20 cricket.

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Sixer King of Cricket 

The concept of “Sixer King” is not an official title in the world of cricket. It is rather a nickname or a term given to a top achiever batsman who is hitting a high number of sixes when playing cricket. Unfortunately, there is no universal way to identify the Sixer King in Cricket. But there are just some factors that can contribute to being called this way. It can depend on the power-hitting ability of the batsman and the ability to hit high many sixes. The other factors to be considered such as the sixes’ impact, consistency, and dominance in the game. If you have all these factors, it may help you to achieve the name Sixer King. 

In the end, the title Sixer King will inspire the generation of young players to be great in cricket sport. They will focus on power-hitting prowess and techniques to improve their overall cricket playing. The success stories of Sixer King will demonstrate the greatness of playing cricket and its glory if you are a top achiever. 

Different players are called Sixer Kings in cricket sport. They are Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma, Martin Guptill and others. 


Overall, sixes play a vital role in cricket, they add excitement, element, and rapid scoring to cricket matches. They are a way to recognize the entire batsman’s skill and can substantially impact the outcome of any cricket match. Sixes should not be undermined and ignored as it has an impact on playing cricket.

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