Who Hit the Longest Six in the World?

Who hit the longest six in the world of cricket?

The World of Cricket was full of tournaments that were filled with exceptional cricket skills and, of course, power-hitting. The cricket sport is rooted in explosive performances. Where a powerful swing of a bat can shift the flow of any cricket match. So, be ready as we delve into the longest six in the world of cricket and know its significance or impact in this thrilling world of cricket games. If you are into this kind of topic, gear up, as we will dive into records and remember some of the memorable cricket performances up to this day.

The Longest Six in the Cricket World

The longest six in the world ever recorded happened back in the 2013 season of the ODI. Shahid Afridi, a Pakistan all-rounder in cricket, set this extraordinary record. This cricketer accomplished the greatest feat in the match against South Africa at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. It exactly happens in the came of the fourth ball in the 35th over of Pakistan’s pursuit of 344. The long six of 153 meters occurred when Ryan McLaren offered a length ball. In response, Afridi hit a strike that passed over the stadium’s roof. Therefore, Afridi made up his mind to go all-out against Ryan McLaren. The massive six he attained became the longest in the history of the World Cricket Tournament.

Player Profile

The player who achieved the longest six in the world of cricket is Shahid Afridi. This cricketer is from the Pakistan team. He is an all-rounder player, who is a right-hand leg spinner and batsman too. Afridi strengths lie in his ability to produce exceptional power hitting. His ability to score quickly and clear boundaries with ease put pressure on any opposing bowlers. Thus, it built up a strong score for his team in any cricket match. So, that makes him a nightmare and threat for any bowler, particularly in the ODI format. 

So far, his biggest and longest six have happened in the 2013 ODI (One Day International) and have not yet been surpassed in cricket history. However, he also has previous achievements. He is recognized for the fastest one-day century by scoring off 37 balls in his very first ODI innings. That is a notable feat under his ODI records too.

The Science Behind the Hit

Concerning the science behind the longest six in the world, Shahid Afridi, the doer, has utilized different factors to achieve such a milestone in his cricket career. Above everything else, technique, timing, and power are vital components in hitting six. This player incorporates proper posture and balance. This allows him to move his body weight effectively for maximum power production to produce the longest six. On top of that, the head position also plays a huge part for him. Therefore, with the right head stance, he can focus well on the ball. Thus, ensuring clean hitting to achieve the longest hitting success. 

Lastly, the weight-body allocation makes a big difference. The weight transfers into the front foot to be used in power-hitting. Allowing the body to transfer the power to the ball and make a successful longest six. Beyond these mentioned techniques, core and upper body strengths and even bat speed play a huge part in achieving his longest six in the world of cricket.

Impact on the Match

Achieving six in the world of cricket is never an easy thing to do. However, once accomplished, there are certain advantages to be gained from doing so. Hitting sixes leads to a substantial increase in scoring rates, and this makes the viewers astounded in the cricket matches. The matches that often produce high-scoring figures keep the cricket audience engaged in the entire game. However, hitting sixes can put intense pressure on the opposing bowlers. A successful six-yard delivery can change the course of the game and favor the batting team by successfully altering the score.

Therefore, these impacts can favor any batting department. Overall, hitting sixes in any cricket format competition can make its games unpredictable. For one major thing, the six can make the outcome uncertain until the very last ball is hit by a batsman. Overall, achieving a six in cricket games can be well executed if the pitch condition is batting-friendly, the weather is not affected by rain, and the venue is just comfortable to play in. These factors can also affect how to hit six in any cricket game, particularly in any cricket format. 

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Comparison with Other Big Hits in the Tournament

In this section, we are going to compile the top 10 cricketers who have achieved the longest sixes in cricket history. So, stay tuned for many more details about these players’ performances.

  1. Shahid Afridi, 153 meters
  2. Brett Lee, 130 meters
  3. Martin Guptill, 127 meters
  4. Liam Livingstone, 122 meters
  5. Corey Anderson, 122 meters
  6. Mark Waugh, 120 meters
  7. Yuvraj Singh, 119 meters  
  8. MS Dhoni, 118 meters
  9. Shahid Afridi, 118 meters
  10. Chris Gayle, 116 meters

From these records of the longest sixes in cricket history, we can say that all these data range from 100 meters and above. They have a small gap between each other when you analyze their distances from each other. Overall, the top player, Shahid Afridi, got the higher distance, which is 153 meters above Brett Lee, who has 130 meters. From their distance comparison, Afridi is over 23 meters higher than Brett Lee, and from this aspect, there is no denying that he tops the chart in the longest sixes attained by a cricketer.

Future Prospects

Some players showed abilities in power-hitting, and some of them have already achieved some records in the cricketing world. In this guide, we aim to name several players who can break existing records in the world of cricket once they join some of the biggest cricket event competitions.

Dewald Brevis (South Africa):

Nicknamed “Baby AB”, Brevis is a powerful young batsman with exceptional timing. His ability to combine power with technique makes him a great contender in long sixes in cricket. He had taken over the long sixes in the 2022 IPL season with the 112 meters of ball distance he attained.

Muhammad Harris (Pakistan):

Harris, a Pakistani international cricketer known for fearless six-hitting, has stormed the domestic circuit. His raw power and talent make him a potential star in the Pakistani cricket world.

So far, these two cricketers have the potential to break records in the world of cricket once they excel more in playing cricket sport.

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Power-hitting has become a major thing in the world of cricket. While there is a place for other cricketing talents, the ability to hit the ball over the boundary line with one strike can shift the flow of the match into an electrifying game. The power-hitting has made cricket more thrilling, and most of all, unpredictable. Therefore, the upcoming cricket tournaments like the 2024 T20 World Cup will surely deliver intense power hitting to achieve record-breaking long sixes in the world. We cannot wait to see emerging talents display their exceptional cricket-playing skills and etch their name in the world of cricket.

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