Who is the best cricketer in IPL history?

Who is the best cricketer in IPL history?

In the world of IPL come the top cricketers who are leading in their respective categories. Cricketers do shine when they deliver the best playing performance in cricket sport. While many players are remarkable in their way. Only a few players have made a name for themselves in IPL history. These cricketers deserve recognition because they have made a significant contribution to the cricket sport.

Therefore, in today’s discussion, we aim to list down the names of the best cricket players who are top-notch performers in their league.

Top 3 Cricketers Who Have the Highest Run In IPL

In this section, we aim to focus on three leading cricketers who made the most runs in IPL history, so let us begin identifying them here now.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has been an exceptional cricketer in IPL and has been a gem for Royal Challengers Bangalore since he became a part of it. Kohli is at the top of his game, as he is the leading cricket player with the most runs in IPL history. He has a record of 7043 runs, which only proves how great a cricketer he is with such a feat. His scored runs put his name of the best cricketer in IPL as of today. 

Shikhar Dhawan 

Dharwan has played an astonishing role for the Delhi Capitals, helping his team get into the finals in the past. Not only that, but he is among the most accomplished batsman in IPL history and our second-best cricketer who have the most runs in the IPL scorecard. He only achieved 6536 runs in total, and this only demonstrates how competitive and outstanding his playing records are in the IPL tournament.

David Warner

This foreign cricketer is among the highest run scorers in IPL history. Ranking in third place in our IPL highest run list. Warner has been having an outstanding run score, getting a total of 6211. His playing records and being a listing batting player have proved that being an overseas player in IPL is not an issue to achieve better things in playing cricket. This Australian player has put his name in the IPL records as a top performer in getting the most runs in the said tournament.

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Top 3 batsman with Highest IPL Score 

In this part, we aim to discover who is the best cricketer in IPL under the category of batsman who has the highest score so far. We will put the names of three cricketers who are top achievers in batting in the IPL. Therefore, let us discover them now by reading this section of this post. 

Chris Gayle 

Chris Gayle is on our top list of batsmen who achieved the highest score in the IPL records. He leads our listing as he is an exceptional cricketer. Gayle has an untouchable score in IPL of 175, and this record puts him as the highest scorer as of today. With the most runs scored in an innings all through the IPL tournament, this batsman has an outstanding cricket playing record. 

Brendon McCullum

Brendon had made the best entry to the first IPL tournament in 2008. It made a mark that until now is highly recognized. This batsman has only achieved a top-notch score of 158 when such an achievement is new to the said cricket competition. This accomplishment has had a huge impact on the said cricket tournament and resulted in great success. 

Quinton de Kock

Lucknow Supergiants opener, who is de Kock has scored an astonishing 140 against the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2022 season, setting a new record for IPL. His playing record includes one of the highest scores and third place in our list by a batsman who achieved the most scores in IPL history. Being new to IPL competition, this cricketer knows how to perform well in cricket.

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Top 4 Cricketers Who Have the Most 50 in IPL

In this portion, we aim to name the top 4 cricketers who achieved the most 50 in IPL starting from 2020 up until 2023. Stay in our countdown as we begin to run down the names of these cricket players. Below are the following names that you must know about. 

2020: KL Rahul 

KL Rahul has exhibited an outstanding performance in IPL 2020 under his team at that time, Kings XI Punjab. Therefore, he only scored the most fifties in the said IPL season. His powerful performance has put him on the pedestal as the top run scorer of the tournament, getting 670 runs in total. It paved the way for Rahul to be included in our list of the best cricketers in IPL. 

2021: Faf Du Plessis

Plessis has delivered great batting skills in the IPL scene in 2021. He has been a top performer in his team for Chennai Super Kings in IPL. During that time, he only achieved a record as the most scored player in his fifties. He only grabbed a total of 633 runs, placing him as one of the highest run scorers in the IPL 2021 tournament.

2022: David Warner

Warner is part of our list of who is the best cricketer in IPL. This top cricketer is among those who scored the most in half-centuries in IPL 2022. Not only did he obtain such an accomplishment, but he also got a sum of 432 runs in 12 matches. This cricket player has made achievements by being the top player, who has the most 50s in IPL in 2022.

2023: Faf du Plessis

In the IPL 2023 season, the cricket player who scored the most 50s in IPL at 8 is no other than Faf du Plessis. Back in IPL 2021, he also achieved such a feat, and in 2023 he returned to his legacy and continued to give out his best performances by reaching this title once more in the IPL tournament. 

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Top 3 most popular player in IPL

In the last section about naming cricketers, in this portion, we aim to give you the best players in cricket, and at the same time the most popular ones.  

Rohit Sharma

This former Mumbai Indians captain is recognized for his great leadership in his team. Thus, resulting in the Mumbai Indians team earning 5 IPL titles. Sharma’s exceptional cricket playing skills and smart leadership have brought fame and integrity to his name. It is why he has been receiving great fame and attention from our fellow cricket enthusiasts due to his outstanding accomplishments in IPL.

Virat Kohli

This ex-captain in the IPL tournament has been on our list of most popular cricket players. Therefore, his incredible playing records as a batsman and run achiever in IPL have brought popularity to his name. Placing him as one of the most sought-after cricketers in the history of IPL. All thanks to his scored runs that achieved a more than 6000 mark. 

MS Dhoni

This present captain of Chennai Super Kings captain is on our third rank to our listings of who is the best cricketer in IPL. This smart captain is not only a leader. But also a great achiever as he led his team to win 5 IPL titles. Under his leadership, his team achieved great things. Not only that, but he is also a top performer. He only reached 8th place as a run-getter with more than 4000 runs in the IPL. His legacy proves he should be a popular cricket player in IPL history.


The best cricketers are not only leading players but also, they are great achievers in their league. In this piece, we highlight the top three leading players in their respective IPL categories who are worthy of mentioning. We list down the names of cricketers who are the most treasured and have the best performances of all time in cricket history. We hope you get some valuable information and learn about their great contributions to the IPL tournament.

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