Why is it Difficult for a Sports Fan to be a Sports Bettor?

Sports Fan

A lot of people who are sports fans end up trying to get into the sports betting scene and fail. They tend to think that since they have been a fan of the game for a long time, they will be able to make educated bets. But they are often very wrong. Sports betting is not about being a fan of a certain sport. Knowing a game inside out can only get you so far. Sports bettors have to take into account variables that even the most die-hard sports fans overlook. They also have to have intimate knowledge of the betting scene. That is why it is hard work to become a sports bettor. And here are some reasons why a lot of sports fans fail to become good sports bettors. 

1. They are Biased for Their Favourite Team 

Most sports fans are die-hard fans of a certain team. There is nothing wrong with supporting and cheering for a team when you are a sports fan. But the moment you get into sports betting, this becomes a burden. Oftentimes, rookie sports bettors bet on their favorite team without looking at all the facts and stats surrounding them. This often results in them being disappointed. If you cannot put away your bias for your favorite team while making a bet, then you should stay away from sports betting altogether. Otherwise, you will end up losing more money than winning. 

2. They are Biased for Their Favorite Players

Some sports fans are not biased towards a certain team but towards certain players. Again, there is nothing wrong with being in awe of someone’s prowess and skills in the sport. But if bettors let that cloud their judgment, then they become biased. After that, instead of betting while depending on statistics. They bet on who they like and the team they are on. You might get lucky with it once or twice but not for long. If the player you support loses their form, that also means that you will start to lose money. That is why it is best to keep your bias at the door while making sports bets. 

3. They Don’t Have a Bankroll 

One of the most important components of any type of betting is a steady bankroll. Every professional or semi-professional sports bettor has a bankroll that they bet from. If they burn through that bankroll, they stop betting. But people who are just sports fans and not bettors might often spend money on betting from their pockets. They don’t know what a bankroll is and that is dangerous. They might get lucky once or twice, but most of the time, they end up losing all their money and get frustrated. The first rule of becoming a bettor is that you have to have a steady bankroll. But sports fans often fail to do that and do not succeed as sports bettors. 

4. They Focus More on the Fun 

Being a sports fan is fun, isn’t it? Hanging out with your buddies watching sports is a favorite pastime of many. But when it comes to sports betting, life is not so simple anymore. When sports betting is your profession, you have to be constantly serious about it. A little mishap can cause you great misfortune. Serious bettors rarely get to have fun while betting. But occasional bettors with a few extra bucks might. If someone is a sports fan who tends to have a little too much fun while matches are not going to be a great sports bettor. Some people also like to consume alcohol while watching matches, which can cause blunders if you are a sports bettor. Betting requires you to be in your senses and constantly keep track of the changing stats. That’s why an inebriated sports fan is never going to be a good bettor. 


Being a professional sports bettor is pretty much the same as being a business professional. You have to constantly keep track of your profits and losses. Sports bettors treat sports like a source of winning money while sports fans treat sports like a source of entertainment. There is a huge difference between the two. If you treat sports as mere entertainment, then you won’t be able to see the hard work that goes into sports betting. Sports fans also tend to spend money on memorabilia and not on increasing their bankroll. This sets them apart from sports bettors who eat, sleep and breathe sports betting. That is why huge sports fans can seldom become great sports bettors.

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