Sania Mirza, India’s Best Tennis Athlete

Read about Sania Mirza, India's best tennis sport athlete.

Tennis as a Sport Tennis is a noble sport. For the longest time, only the elite and the rich indulge in its beauty as it often requires a lot of money and influence. Considering that only up to four people at a time may play, it is understandable why many would rather play group games such as football or cricket. However, there are some Indian athletes which proved tennis is for all. Meet Sania Mirza, the biggest tennis star India […]

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India’s Greatest Tennis Stars

Read here to know about the status of tennis sport in India. More stories about sports, casino games, and more only available at the JeetWin blog.

Tennis in India India has a lot of tennis fans and it is not surprising why. After all, the sport attracts thousands of avid viewers as the country produces some of the most followed tennis players including Vijay Amritraj, Leander Paes, and Sania Mirza who all graced and penetrated the international tennis scene. Recent Indian tennis players who frequent major Grand Slam tournaments help in keeping the sport alive and famous in the subcontinent. Tennis has progress immensely since it […]

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The Buddh International Circuit

The Buddh International Circuit. Read here to know more on India Motorsport and how does it fare in the international racing scene.

Motorsport is one of the most famous non-group sports in the world. In fact, there are a lot of subtypes to this sport—the most widely known and prestigious of these is Formula One. In India chiefly, Formula One races happens in Buddh International Circuit. The venue opened in 2011 at an astounding ₹20 billion construction cost and a seating capacity set at 120,000 people. Jaypee Group owns the circuit and its Jaypee Sports International Limited sector operates the same. The […]

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The History of Gambling in India

History of Gambling in India

Civilization in modern India existed thousands of years ago. Before the worldwide trade and colonization of the 18th century, ancient India thrived and grew by and in itself. It is no surprising that along with it, the subcontinent has developed its own languages, culture, and religion. One facet of Indian culture formed and developed with the evolution of the region and that is its entertainment industry, and more particularly its gambling culture. Entertainment in ancient India is diverse. Folks love […]

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Eden Gardens—Cricket’s Answer to the Colosseum

Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium

Oldest and Largest Cricket Stadium Established in 1864 or about 155 years ago, the Eden Gardens is the oldest cricket stadium in India, seventh oldest cricket stadium in the world, and the largest cricket stadium in India. It is also the second largest stadium in the world by capacity. Critics have dubbed the stadium the “Mecca of Indian Cricket” and “cricket’s answer to the Colosseum” for its grandeur, international impact, and relevance. In addition, critics often refer to it as […]

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The Grandeur of Golf in India

The Grandeur of Golf Sport in India.

The Sport Golf is a precision club-and-ball sport, where players attempt to hit balls into each hole in a course in the fewest number of strokes. It is one of the most famous sports in the world and one with a major economic impact, including a growing golf sport following in India. In fact, the golf generated as much as $84.1 billion in 2016 in the USA alone. In addition, the sport supports more than 1.9 million jobs and about […]

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An Ace in the World of Race: Motorsport in India

An Ace in the World of Race: Motorsport in India. sport

What is Motorsport? Motorsport is the fastest contesting sport in the world—pun intended. It includes Open wheel racing such as the Formula Series and the IndyCar Series, the enclosed wheel racing such as Sports Car Racing, Stock Car Racing, Touring Car Racing, and Off-Road Racing. On its extreme end, the sport also includes Air Racing, Motor Rallying, Motorboat Racing, Drone Racing, and even Lawn Mower Racing. Today, we focus on four-wheeled motorsport competition as it is by far the most […]

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World’s Top 10 Largest Cricket Stadiums

Top 10 Largest Cricket Stadium

Cricket has billions of followers all over the world. From the southern hemisphere fans of Australia to the Indian subcontinent, up to the Northern Hemisphere sports followers in the United Kingdom, cricket is undoubtedly universal. With its popularity comes the demand for bigger playgrounds and contemporary stadiums really deliver. All things considered, let’s look at the largest cricket stadiums by capacity. 10. Vidarbha Cricket Assiociation Stadium Starting off our list is India’s largest cricket stadium in terms of field area. […]

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EPL Match week – 22 Prediction and Tips

EPL Match week – 22 Prediction

The English Premier League action is back on the domestic routine after a fantastic weekend of FA Cup football. After missing the last two fixtures due to calf injury, Jamie Vardy is expected to retake his position against Southampton. Vardy has scored a hat-trick against them in that famous 0-9 win back in Gameweek-10. Spurs are facing an injury nightmare ahead of their huge clash with league leader Liverpool on Saturday. Back to back defeat has seen Wolves lose ground […]

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EPL Match week – 21 Prediction and Tips

EPL Match week – 21 Prediction

Harry Kane can be the king of New Year’s Day if he can extend his scoring streak for Spurs against Southampton. Gunner’s new manager Arteta still looking for his first win as the boss, While Chelsea is back to winning ways after their disappointing defeat to Southampton last time. VAR once again into the spotlight during a controversial win by Liverpool against Wolves at Anfield. Champions Manchester City returned to winning ways by beating Sheffield United 2-0 at the Etihad […]

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