Exploring The Legacy of All Orange Cap Winners in IPL History

all orange cap winners in ipl

Orange Cap is one of the notable awards that any batsman would love to achieve in the world of IPL. It is a tradition of IPL that awards the best batsman who scores the highest number of runs in each season of the tournament.

This prestigious title recognizes the top-performing players who push their teams to the final rounds of the IPL and make history. Therefore, all the IPL orange cap winners have achieved greater things not only for themselves but also for their teams.

Here is the list of orange cap winners, starting back in 2008 up until 2023.

A List of All Orange Cap Winners in IPL Tournament

Below is the list of 16 players who won the title of Orange Cap in the world of IPL tournament. Keep on reading this section for brief background details about these cricket players.

Shaun Marsh – Orange Cap Holder in 2008

In 2008, this was the initial season of IPL, and the first cricket player who achieved the orange cap title was no other than Shaun Marsh, under his team of Kings XI Punjab. This cricketer has gathered a notable scored runs of 616 in just 11 matches during the inauguration of the IPL tournament. However, his satisfying playing records only made his team into the semi-finals of the 2008 IPL tournament.

Mattew Hayden – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2009

Hayden was the second cricketer who received the Orange Cap Award. It is because he has the most runs in the IPL 2009 under his team, Chennai Super Kings. For such achievement due to his amazing skills and distinguished performances, he achieved 572 runs in just 12 matches. This Australian cricketer will never be left behind, knowing he contributed a lot for his team to enter the semi-finals in IPL 2009.

Sachin Tendulkar – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2010

Sachin, the God of Cricket, has been awarded the orange cap for reaching the most runs in the IPL 2010. This recognition is attained due to his record-breaking runs of 618 in just 14 matches, under his team, Mumbai Indians. His impressive performances have led him to achieve the title of Player of the Tournament in 2010, making history for himself. Despite being a top achiever, this leader and cricketer did not secure a win in the finals of IPL 2010 against the Chennai Super Kings.

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Chris Gayle – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2011

Gayle, known as the Universal Boss, has been awarded the orange cap title in the IPL 2011 tournament. In the past, he has had irrelevant playing outputs on the cricket field. Not until the next year of the IPL, he rose from the ashes and got the most runs at 608 in just 12 matches in the IPL 2011. Now in history, he became part of all orange cap winners in IPL. Not only that, but he also got the award of Player of the 2011 IPL Tournament.

Chris Gayle – IPL Orange CAP Holder in 2012

Chris Gayle is not stopping in displaying his batting prowess. This batsman has proved himself again in the IPL 2012 tournament by earning another IPL orange cap title. Putting him in records for the only cricketer who got two orange cap titles for two succeeding years. He earned another orange cap title, scoring highest runs of 733 in 15 matches. He even hit the most sixes in IPL and his playing record is such a feat that unbeatable.

Michael Hussey – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2013

This Australian cricketer is also another holder of the orange cap title in IPL 2013. He has this relaxed composure to achieve greater things in IPL. With top-notch scored runs of 733 in just 17 matches, puts him in orange cap winners in IPL list. His tenacity has pushed his team, Chennai Super Kings to the finals, although beaten down by Mumbai Indians in the end.

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Robin Uthappa – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2014

Robin is our seventh winner of the IPL Orange Cap title. With his batting skills and assertive playing, he displayed powerful performances for his team, Kolkata Knight Riders. He only made an incredible scored runs 660 in just 16 matches, a surprisingly remarkable record.

David Warner – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2015

Warner has made history for himself as the fourth Australian to earn the IPL orange cap. In IPL 2015, he scored the highest runs of 562 in 14 innings while being a captain in Sunrisers Hyderabad. However, with such a title earned, his team remained beatable to make it into the playoffs, and it is such a heartbreaking realism.

Virat Kohli – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2016

Kohli brought so many achievements on his plate. He only puts out impressive cricket performances by scoring the highest runs of 973 in 16 innings in one season of IPL. This player undoubtedly belongs to our list of all orange cap winners in IPL. Aside from that, he has made a huge impact in leading his team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, in the finals of IPL 2016. But unfortunately ended up unsuccessful in getting the IPL trophy.

David Warner – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2017

David Warner has made impressive history for his batting skills by achieving his 2nd IPL orange cap title. With his promising 641 in 14 matches, there is no doubt about his massive talent. From his outstanding playing, he helped his team, Sunrisers Hyderabad to the playoffs in the IPL 2017.

Kane Williamson – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2018

In IPL 2018, Williamson delivered strong performances in playing cricket. He is not only leading his team, Sunrisers Hyderabad during that time, but he also made great records. With his impressive playing of 735 runs in 17 matches, this paved the way for his team to the finals but losing in the end against the Chennai Super Kings.

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David Warner – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2019

David is making record-breaking achievements as the first player who has won three orange cap titles in the IPL tournament. His exceptional playing skills and distinguished performances in cricket made him again score the most runs at 692 in just 12 matches. Warner has established himself as one of cricket’s best players, joining the ranks of all orange cap winners in the IPL.

KL Rahul – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2020

2020 is the season when Covid was a matter. But despite that, IPL 2020 continues to UAE, and it is the time when KL Rahul has received his orange cap title by scoring the most runs of 670 in just 14 matches. In such an accomplishment, his team, Kings XI Punjab, failed to enter the playoffs in IPL 2020.

Ruturaj Gaikwad – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2021

In IPL 2021, Ruturaj Gaikwad was made an IPL record for being the youngest cricketer who won the IPL orange cap title. He achieved such success, by scoring the most runs at 636 in only 16 matches, recognizing him as the 3rd player who got over 600 runs. Not only that but he was recognized as an Emerging Player in 2021. This young batsman has seen to achieve greater things.

Jos Buttler – IPL Orange Cap Holder in 2022

Jos Buttler has lifted the Rajasthan Royals performance in IPL 2022 after so many years of unsuccessful attempts to reach the finals, except in 2008. With his immersive playing skills, his team has made it to the finals of IPL 2022. For his team, he scored the highest runs of 863 in just 17 games. Therefore, it led him to win the orange cap title for the IPL 2022 and achieve other exceptional awards. Unfortunately, his team lost in the finals against the Gujarat Titans in 2022.

Shubman Gill – Orange Cap Winner Holder in 2023

Gill has made significant playing performances in the IPL tournament. This batsman is among the best ones, scoring massive runs of 890. He is the third player who got 800 runs in one season, alongside Kohli and Buttler. With his great playing, his team, Gujarat Titans, has made it into the finals but did not win the IPL title against the Chennai Super Kings in 2023.

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In this list of all orange cap winners in IPL that we provide here, they shared many things. They all possess outstanding batting skills, remarkable run scores, and unmatched playing performances in the sport of cricket. With such talent they have, it is no longer surprising that they can achieve more things in the coming seasons of the IPL tournament.

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